HB 656: Marijuana Commercialization

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HB 656, relative to the legalization and regulation of marijuana, was introduced last legislative session and retained in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. The bill, which allows for the commercialization of marijuana, was voted 'Ought to Pass' 3-2 in subcommittee, so it's incredibly important that members of the committee hear from YOU about why marijuana commercialization is bad for New Hampshire before the entire committee votes on November 14th at 10 AM. We know that you agree that Big Marijuana is bad for our workforce, our kids, and our families. Please speak up for the health and safety of our families and take a few minutes to make some calls.

Once you've made your calls, we hope you can help us pack the room to let lawmakers know how important this issue is to you. Click here to sign up to join us at the hearing.

Talking points for your call

Hi Representative ____________,

My name is ________ and I live in __________. I'm calling you to ask you to vote no on HB 656 regarding marijuana commercialization in New Hampshire. Thank you for the work that you have already done in committee on HB 656. I'm sure that you have learned a lot about the negative impacts of marijuana for the state.

  • Marijuana commercialization will have negative impacts on New Hampshire's workforce. As you know, employers in this state are already in a constant struggle to hire employees. Since marijuana commercialization would make it harder for potential employees to pass drug screenings, and those drug screenings are critical to maintain safety in the workplace, passing this bill would only increase New Hampshire's workforce shortage and further hurt our businesses.
  • Passing HB 656 is bad for keeping New Hampshire a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Think about it: we'll be allowing Big Marijuana to enter our state and put a pot shop in my neighborhood. I certainly don't want that, and neither do most families with young children. We need to be attracting young families to New Hampshire, not enacting policies which would keep them away.
  • Our youth would be detrimentally-affected. We've seen it in other states like Colorado: Big Marijuana is advertising to our kids. We already have an addiction crisis in this state. The very last thing we want to do is make it easier for kids to get their hands on a harmful substance.

Big Marijuana is bad for New Hampshire. I hope that you will agree and vote no on HB 656. Feel free to call me back if you have any questions. Thank you for representing my voice in Concord.

house criminal justice and public safety committee

First Name

Last Name City Phone Party
David Welch Kingston (603)642-4402 R
Frank Sapareto Derry (603)894-7083 R
Delmar Burridge Keene (603)352-5363 D
Dennis Fields Sanbornton (603)528-6224 R
Robert Fesh Derry (603)434-1550 R
Larry Gagne Manchester (603)625-9692 R
John Burt Goffstown (603)624-5084 R
Dennis Green Hampstead (603)234-7776 R
Carolyn Gargasz Hollis (603)465-7463 R
Bonnie Ham North Woodstock (603)348-7408 R
Jody McNally Rochester (603)330-7655 R
Dave Testerman Franklin (603)320-9524 R
Scott Wallace Danville (603)642-6379 R
Shannon Chandley Amherst (603)672-6540 D
Laura Pantelakos Portsmouth (603)436-2148 D
Roger Berube Somersworth (603)692-5653 D
Renny Cushing Hampton (603)926-2737 D
Beth Rodd Bradford (603)938-2692 D
Kate Murray New Castle (603)501-8989 D
Richard O'Leary Manchester (603)668-0069 D
Linn Opderbecke Dover (603)742-4119 D