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Derry News (4/25/18) - Medicaid expansion chat joins legislators, community members

Keene Sentinel (4/23/18) - Local mental-health organization makes case for Medicaid expansion

WMUR (4/19/18) - Drug courts, Safe Stations at risk if Medicaid expansion is repealed

Manchester Ink Link (4/6/18) - Sununu: ‘Debate is over’ as Alcohol Fund gets 5 year/$50M boost from NH Hospital Asso.

NHPR (4/6/18) - N.H. Hospitals Pledge to Top Off Alcohol Fund for 5 Years

WMUR (4/6/18) - NH hospitals will provide $50 million in drug treatment funding

WMUR (4/5/18) - NH House gives initial nod to Medicaid expansion bill

Seacoast Online (4/1/18) - Toolkits to help moms with SUD

WMUR (3/28/18) - Amended Medicaid expansion heading to House floor

Manchester Ink Link (3/28/18) - A healthy path forward on state's mental health and addiction crisis

The Fix (3/27/18) - Alcohol Issues Overshadowed by Opioid Crisis in New Hampshire

Concord Monitor (3/22/18) - N.H. House punts on marijuana legalization; opts for further study

WMUR (3/22/18) - As opioid crisis persists, alcoholism still state's biggest addiction problem

U.S. News (3/20/18) - Expanded Medicaid Supporters Emphasize Role in Drug Crisis

Public News Service (3/20/18) - NH House Begins Debate on Medicaid Expansion

NHPR (3/12/18) - N.H. House Panel Wants Pot Legalization Bill Shelved

Manchester Ink Link (3/8/18) - Senate passes Granite Advantage Health Care program

Seacoast Online (3/1/18) - Pot legalization bill may be tabled for this year

WMUR (2/19/18) - Policy battles over Medicaid Expansion ramp up ahead of hearing

Concord Monitor (1/31/18) - My Turn: High rates of drug use make this state an island

Seacoast Online (1/27/18) - Thumbs up to educating parents

Fosters (1/23/18) - NH debates lowering drinking age to 20

Valley News (1/10/18) - Jim Kenyon: New Liquor Store May Boost 'Aclohol Fund'

WMUR (1/9/18) - NH House gives initial approval for recreational marijuana bill


Concord Monitor (12/19/17) - Legislators announce bills to help cut neonatal abstinence syndrome in newborns 

NHPR (12/19/17) - UNH Report Raises Alarm Over Rise in Opioid Dependency Among Newborns

Union Leader (12/19/17) - Senators unveil bipartisan prescription for opioid-addicted newborns

Associated Press (12/19/17) - Report: Drug crisis taking toll on NH newborns

WMUR (12/19/17) - Report: Fivefold increase in number of NH newborns with drug condition

Seacoast Online (12/8/17) - Hope on Haven Hill celebrates first anniversary

Keene Sentinel (11/29/17) - Keene Family YMCA to host event on helping people with addictions

NHPR (11/16/17) - N.H. Mulls Over Marijuana Legalization

Concord Monitor (11/15/17) - House committee rejects N.H. marijuana legalization bill

Union Leader (11/14/17) - House committee votes against marijuana legalization bill

Foster's Daily Democrat (11/10/17) - Dover residents honored for health advocacy in N.H.

NHPR (11/04/17) - Opioids & Motherhood: A Sadly Familiar Addiction Story

NHPR (10/24/17) - N.H. Makes Progress With Well-Being of Minority Children, But Could Improve

Manchester Ink Link (10/18/17) - Parent Advocacy Day: ‘I myself have changed my mind about an issue after hearing a personal story from someone’

Concord Monitor (8/16/17) - My Turn: The Price of Big Marijuana 

NPR Here & Now (8/3/17) - New Hampshire is no 'drug-infested den,' state leaders say

NHPR (8/4/17) - After Promising to Solve Opioid Crisis, N.H. Advocates Waiting for Trump to Reach Out

Associated Press (8/3/17) - New Hampshire is no 'drug-infested den,' state leaders say

Washington Monthly (7/31/17) - Curbing Substance Misuse

Rewire (7/24/17) - Some States Are Turning the Tide in Funding Child Care-Others Should Follow

Union Leader (7/22/17) - Tuftonboro police chief fires back at pot lobby

NHPR (7/20/17) - New Futures: Decriminalization Bill Includes Strong Teen Use Prevention

NH1 (07/13/17) - Sununu signs bill providing funding for full day kindergarten in NH

Education Week (07/13/17) - Kids Count Report Finds Positive Gains on Child Well-Being, With Areas of Concern

Christian Science Monitor (06/30/17) - One state’s opioid crisis sheds light on national health-care debate

Associated Press (06/28/17) - New Hampshire law gives grandparents custody preference

NH Journal (06/19/17) - NH ranked best state to raise children, but some state officials say more needs to be done

NH1 (6/16/17) - 1st of its kind in NH: Bill signed creating syringe swapping program

Union Leader (06/15/17) - House, Senate negotiators reach deal on $11.7b budget

CNN (06/14/17) - These states are the best, worst for raising children

Concord Monitor (06/14/17) - Republican budget negotiators finalize $11.7 billion budget

NHPR (06/09/17) - As Final Negotiations Begin, Here's Where Key N.H. Budget Issues Stand

NH Journal (06/06/17) - Alcohol Fund Becomes Latest Political Battle for N.H. Lawmakers During Budget Process

Concord Monitor (05/29/17) - Needle exchanges soon to be law but face limited resources

Foster's Daily Democrat (05/28/17) - NH moves closer to decriminalizing pot

Concord Monitor (05/26/17) - Advocates: Money doesn’t match rhetoric when it comes to Trump, opioids

WMUR (05/26/17) - Shaheen, Hassan discuss opposition to Trump budget in Concord

WMUR (05/25/17) - 'Keno-garten' amendment proposes new way to fund kindergarten

NH Journal (05/18/17) - Grandfamilies in New Hampshire and What They Have to Do With the Opioid Crisis

Keene Ledger Transcript (05/16/17) - Local and state officials discuss opioid crisis

NH1 (05/09/17) - Sununu and HHS Secy. Price teaming up to hear directly about NH's drug crisis war

Concord Monitor (05/09/17) - Shaheen and Hassan: Focus on fixing Affordable Care Act, don’t repeal

Concord Monitor (05/09/17) - Trump pledged to solve the opioid crisis, but is proposing to cut programs that combat it

(05/09/17) - New Futures report discussed live on air

Concord Monitor (05/08/17) - N.H. Loses Billions Each Year Due to Drugs and Alcohol

NH Charitable Foundation (05/08/17) - Economic Cost of Substance Misuse in N.H.: $2.36 Billion Annually

Union Leader (05/08/17) - Substance abuse report claims addiction has NH's economy on the nod

NHPR (05/08/17) - Report: Substance Misuse in N.H. Takes $2.3 Billion Toll on State's Economy

Senator Hassan (05/08/17) - Senator Hassan Statement on New Futures’ Report Detailing Economic Impact of Alcohol and Drug Misuse

Union Leader (05/07/17) - NH cost of drug, alcohol abuse: $2.36 billion

NH Journal (05/07/17) - House Approves Full-Day Kindergarten

Union Leader (04/11/17) - Bradley wants to put the criminal back in pot decriminalization

NHPR (04/24/17) - N.H. Continues To Make Millions Off Alcohol, But Spends Little To Curb Impact

NHPR (04/11/17) - N.H. Senate Weighs Whether to Loosen State's Marijuana Laws

Foster's Daily Democrat (04/05/17) - Rallying for Life Saving Treatment

Foster's Daily Democrat (04/05/17) - Alcohol Fund must be fully funded

Union Leader (03/25/17) - NH alcohol fund faces repeal effort

NH Journal (03/23/17) - House Finance Committee Takes Ax to Gov. Sununu’s Budget Proposal

Concord Monitor (03/ /17) - Editorial: A costly vice for the state

SAM, Smart Approaches to Marijuana Policies (3/17/17) - Marijuana Legalization Bill Defeated in New Hampshire

Union Leader (3/16/17) - NH Business Newsreel: BIA to host legislative forum in Concord

NHPR (02/28/17) - Will Stricter Penalties for Dealers Help Stem N.H.'s Drug Epidemic?

NHPR (02/17/17) - Loosening N.H.'s Marijuana Laws Gets Broad Support During House Hearing

NH Journal (02/15/17) - Dems. Criticize Sununu for Not Fully Funding Alcohol Fund, but Previous Dem. Govs. Also Didn’t Fully Fund It

Concord Monitor (02/12/17) - Sununu’s budget proposal includes funding boost for developmentally disabled 

New York Times (02/10/17) - Addiction Treatment Grew Under Health Law. Now What?
 -- This story also appeared in various media outlets across the country including the

Seacoast Online (02/09/17) - Share concerns over possible repeal of ACA

NH Journal (02/08/17) - Advocates Say Fully Financing NH Alcohol Fund is Crucial To Stopping Opioid Crisis

NH Public Radio (02/08/17) - What to Watch For as New Hampshire's Budget Season Gets Underway

Union Leader (02/07/17) - Legislators urged to restore law that funded drug treatment programs

Concord Monitor (02/07/17) - Lawmakers add money to alcohol fund for substance abuse treatment

WMUR (02/07/17) - Advocates urge lawmakers to fully fund longstanding state commitment to alcohol, drug abuse prevention, treatment

Union Leader (02/07/17) - Needle exchange bill gets backing in Concord

NH Senate (02/07/17) - RELEASE: Senator Kahn Advocates Full Funding of State’s Alcohol Fund to Provide Critical Prevention and Treatment Resources

NHPR (02/02/17) - Loosening N.H.'s Marijuana Laws Gets Broad Support During House Hearing

Union Leader (02/02/17) - Bill to decriminalize pot has bipartisan support

Concord Monitor (02/01/17) - After 10 years, N.H. opposition to marijuana decriminalization fading away

Union Leader (01/25/17) - Expansion of medical marijuana program debated at State House


Concord Monitor (12/31/16) - “It’s blowing my mind” – Authorities see dramatic rise in meth use in Concord

Concord Monitor (11/27/16) - Debate to decriminalize marijuana in New Hampshire reignited

NH Public Radio (11/22/16) - As Neighbors Legalize Marijuana, N.H. Advocates See Opening for Decriminalization

Kaiser Health News (12/06/16) - Medicaid Coverage For Addiction Treatment Varies Dramatically

Business NH Magazine (11/20/16) - Restore NH's Alcohol Fund

Concord Monitor (11/16/16) - Change Direction discussion highlights connection between mental health issues and addiction

Concord Monitor Editorial (10/30/16) - Editorial: Van Ostern is clear choice for governor

Foster's Daily Democrat (10/27/16) - Big Issues for Somersworth Candidates

Concord Monitor (10/22/16) - With few guidelines regulating sober houses in N.H., local communities often dictate whether they can be built

NH Labor News (10/14/16) - Van Ostern Joins Bipartisan Group of Legislators to Discuss Opioid and Heroin Epidemic

Seacoast Online (10/09/16) - Hope on Haven Hill nearly ready to open

NH Labor News (10/07/16) - Select Van Ostern Clips From Wednesday’s NECN Gubernatorial Debate

NH Public Radio (10/07/16) - In Sandown, Trump takes questions from invite-only crowd

NHPR (10/06/16) - Trump's Comments on N.H. Drug Crisis Earn Pushback from State Advocates

Concord Monitor (10/05/16) - New Futures criticizes Trump’s heroin comments ahead of N.H. visit

Concord Monitor (09/25/16) - A closer look at N.H. pharmaceutical lobby

UNH Law (09/15/2016) - UNH Law Partners With UNH and New Futures To Develop Guide to Accessing Addiction and Mental Health Services

Keene Sentinel (09/07/16) - Dietsch, Nyquist agree on issues, differ on funding plans in NH Senate debate

Foster's (09/01/16) - Election Profile: Joe Casey

Union Leader (09/01/16) - Dan Tuohy's Granite Status: Most candidates are still unknown quantities to voters

Foster's Daily Democrat (08/31/16) - Joe Casey, New Futures have right idea on opioid crisis

NH Alcohol Treatment (08/29/16) - New Hampshire Alcohol Addiction

Joe Casey for NH Senate (08/29/16) - Joe Casey Endorses New Futures’ Five Points for New Hampshire’s Future

WMUR (08/28/16) - CloseUP: Colin Van Ostern on his candidacy for Governor

NH Journal (08/22/16) - The One Policy Issue That Most Gubernatorial Candidates Agree On

NHADACA (08/18/16) - NH hoping to turn the tide in opioid crisis

Concord Monitor (08/18/16) - In Concord, Rep. Kuster discusses opioid crisis with advocates, stakeholders

New Hampshire Public Radio (08/17/16) - While N.H. Drug Treatment Advocates Applaud Lawmakers, They Stress Fight is Not Over

Union Leader (08/16/16) - New Hampshire hoping to turn the tide in opioid crisis

Eagle Tribune (08/15/16) - NH struggling to find doctors to treat addicts - State seeks more funding for opiate crisis

WMUR (08/12/16) - Where 2016 candidates for governor stand on issues

Concord Monitor (08/11/16) - Report says insurers pay far less than Medicare for drug treatment

NHPR (07/19/16) - Why New Hampshire's Medical Marijuana Law Shuts Out People With Chronic Pain

New Hampshire Public Radio (07/18/16) - Foodstuffs: Alcohol Summit Brings Industry, State and Advocates Together.

Seacoast Online (07/12/16) - Community Welcomes Safe Harbor Recovery Center.

Concord New Hampshire Patch (06/28/16) - Policy Director Michele Merritt speaks in favor of Carl's Law at Congresswoman Kuster's announcement of the legislation.

NHCF (06/24/16) - New Futures helped Kriss Blevens find her voice and turn her make-up brush into a power tool for advocacy

New Hampshire Public Radio (06/07/16) - At Recovery Coach Academy, Learning to Help Others Overcome Addiction

Seacoast Online/Portsmouth Herald (05/13/16) - Decriminalization of marijuana would add to current drug crisis

Concord Monitor (04/14/16) - Let’s not add to N.H.’s drug epidemic by decriminalizing marijuana

Eagle Tribune (04/12/16) - Why not Vivitrol? Promising opioid high blocker gets little attention, use

CNHI (04/12/16) - Why not Vivitrol? Promising opioid high blocker gets little attention, use

Concord Monitor (03/29/16) - Report: New Hampshire has third-highest drug deaths per capita in the nation, with little sign of slowing down

Nashua Telegraph (03/22/16) - Hassan names new drug czar

Union Leader (03/21/16) - Governor chooses new drug czar

Concord Monitor (02/26/16) - My Turn: Abandoning Medicaid expansion isn’t an option for New Hampshire

Concord Monitor (02/23/16) - Fact Check: Hassan’s overdose claim rated False

Politifact NH (02/22/16) - Governor Maggie Hassan says drug overdoses are second leading cause of death in New Hampshire

NH Business Review (02/19/16) - Q&A with New Futures’ Michele Merritt

Union Leader (02/6/16) - The Needle and the Damage Done: Drug Abuse Costs NH Nearly $2 billion a year

Concord Monitor (01/31/16) - On the trail: Hillary Clinton keeps the pace with sprawling events

New Hampshire Public Radio (01/28/16) -  NH’s Medicaid Expansion: Where it stands, and where it could be going

Union Leader (01/28/16) – Medicaid expansion draws more than 200 at hearing

Concord Monitor (01/29/16) – Medicaid expansion enrollees testify at State House

(01/05/16) - On the campaign trail in NH, heartbreak over heroin addiction


Laconia Daily Sun (12/21/15) – A program that works – former addicts tell their stories of recovery at city forum

NECN (12/17/15) - Presidential Candidates talk heroin, but New Hampshire lags

NH1 (10/14/15) - Landrigan: Nashua drug forum focuses on solutions, not just talk

Purpose magazine, published by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, highlighted New Futures in the magazine's feature piece.

Our Executive Director Linda Saunders Paquette was featured on the cover, along side individuals, organizations and law enforcement who work collectively, as part of a larger coalition network to find and implement solutions to fight the state's drug and addiction epidemic.

Senator Jeanie Forrester was quoted in the piece commenting that New Futures has been "critical in providing information and education to lawmakers and the public." Sharon Drake of Serenity Place in Manchester describes New Futures as "our eyes and ears in the Legislature."

New Futures Executive Director Linda Saunders Paquette (front row, center right) with coalition partners (from left to right) Col. Robert Quinn of the NH State Police, Dean LeMire of One Voice for Strafford County, Alex Ray of the Common Man Family Restaurants, Dr. Cheryl Wilkie Senior Vice President of The Farnum Center, Tym Rourke, Director of SUD Grantmaking N.H. Charitable Foundation.