SB 313: Medicaid Expansion

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On Wednesday, May 2nd, the full NH House of Representatives will vote on SB 313, which will reauthorize Medicaid Expansion. Medicaid Expansion provides 52,000 Granite Staters with access to quality, affordable health care and supports a vibrant NH economy. We must make sure our representatives understand the importance of Medicaid Expansion and vote yes on SB 313. All of our representatives need to hear from us about why they must reauthorize #MedEx.

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sample script

NOTE: If you have a personal story or a story about clients that illustrates the importance of Medicaid Expansion, please share it with our lawmakers.

Hello, is Representative ____________ available?

Hi Representative. My name is ______________ and I live in ________________. I'm calling to ask you to support Granite Staters across the board and reauthorize Medicaid Expansion.

  • Medicaid Expansion supports a vibrant economy by providing low-wage employees, like those in the restaurant, child care, home health care, and travel and tourism industries, with access affordable health care, keeping them healthy and working in jobs that New Hampshire needs.
  • The program is also the Granite State's opportunity to recapture more than $400 million in federal funds annually that New Hampshire, as a federal donor state, has sent to Washington. 
  • More than 52,000 people have health care coverage right now in New Hampshire thanks to the program. Over 130,000 residents have used the program to access preventative, life-saving services, many of whom have gotten the care that they needed in order to get back to work.
  • The program is New Hampshire's number one tool in our fight against addiction. Thousands of people have used their coverage to access substance use disorder treatment services.

Please vote yes on SB 313, do I have your support?

Thank you for your time. Feel free to call me back at ____________.

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