Michael Cohen

Immediate Past Chair

Michael J. Cohen is the Principal Consultant for MJC Health Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm providing training and consultation to health and mental health advocates and policy makers to improve the effectiveness, and impact and influence, of their programs and public policy initiatives.  From years of operational and strategic experiences in non-profit management, program implementation and advocacy, Mike has gained effective leadership, relational, analytical and communication skills; he has developed keen judgment and an ability to function effectively in diverse settings. 

Mike has worked in the fields of mental health services, organizational and program management and health services research for over twenty-five years.  He recently served as Executive Director of National Alliance on Mental Illness, NH (NAMI NH) for 11 years.

He has worked with volunteers and staff, providing science based programs and leading organizations to be highly effective and better able to fight for access to quality health care.  Currently Mr. Cohen is on staff at the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center and also serves as an adjunct faculty at Dartmouth Medical School, Department of Psychiatry. He has served as a school counselor, Director of a Community Mental Health Center, Director of an Assertive Case Management Team (ACT) and as the Associate Director of a Clinical Drug Trial Research Program. 

For 25 years as administrator, researcher, provider and advocate Mr. Cohen has been engaged in public policy campaigns working collaboratively with consumers, families, and partners and within coalitions to assure access to health and mental health care for persons of all ages. His personal advocacy efforts have been an asset to his work.  As a parent of a daughter with mental illness, he has advocated to assure that she received the mental health care and support services she needed to promote her recovery. Because of this personal and professional experience he has a deep understanding of the needs of families, consumers and providers affected by mental illness and the services and support systems necessary to promote recovery and build resilience.

His mental health services research experience includes work on studies of: cost effective outcome for cocaine treatment, the assessment and treatment planning methodology for older adults with mental illness; the development and implementation of Evidenced-Based Practice Resource Implementation Kits for the treatment of adults with serious mental illness and; the study of supported employment, an evidenced based practice, combined with medication treatment protocols as clinical interventions for returning SSDI recipients back to the competitive employment marketplace.  Currently he is working on a NIMH grant to study the implementation of In Shape, a program for the Community Mental Health service system in NH, designed to engage persons with serious mental illness in a program to change behaviors in order to support healthy eating and active living, ultimately reducing the risk of disease.

Mr. Cohen received his BA and Masters degrees from the City University of New York and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.