Announcement of Linda Saunders Paquette Resignation

To: Friends of New Futures
Re: Resignation of Linda Saunders Paquette

Dear Friends:

The New Futures Board of Directors announces that Linda Saunders Paquette has submitted her notice of resignation, effective December 30, 2016. The Board reluctantly accepted Linda’s resignation and expresses its deep gratitude to her for leadership at New Futures since she began her tenure as Executive Director in October 2010.

Under Linda’s leadership, New Futures’ impact on alcohol and drug policy in New Hampshire has increased significantly. New Hampshire expanded its Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act and has extended a Substance Use Disorder benefit to the standard Medicaid population, increasing access to treatment and recovery services to thousands of New Hampshire citizens. Allocation of state funding for prevention, treatment and recovery supports substantially increased during the last legislative session and results on alcohol and drug policy bills in the Legislature have consistently coincided with New Futures’ positions on those bills.

Linda’s commitment to excellence and integrity is reflected in the team of extraordinarily talented staff she has hired and supported. She has forged important partnerships through shared services agreements with other organizations whose missions align with that of New Futures and has strengthened collaborations with numerous stakeholder groups. Under Linda’s guidance, New Futures has strengthened its internal processes and is well positioned to continue as a strong partner on nonprofit advocacy efforts in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment.

The New Futures Board of Directors has begun the transition by appointing a committee to develop the hiring process for a new executive. We will provide information on about the process as it develops.
Thank you for your ongoing support of New Futures.

Sincerely, Tim Murray Chair, New Futures Board of Directors