2017 New Year, New Futures


What I wish for in regards to policy change in 2017 is for policy makers to be given more flexibility with releasing funding as soon as it is available.

It has been heartbreaking to know that funding, given to the state by the federal government, will take most agencies many months before they can utilize it at the ground level-treatment. I have been sober/clean from alcohol and other drugs for 29 years and know too many people are struggling with a substance use disorder and have to wait for a bed or access to the appropriate treatment. 

Since 2001 I have been very active in the substance use disorder treatment and recovery profession here in New Hampshire and had worked in the prevention arena prior.

Being told I have to wait to serve folks who need treatment has been extremely difficult, especially because I know they may not make it if they don’t get it when their ready.

I hope my wish comes true. 


- Suzanne L. Thistle MA, MLADC
Executive Director, White Horse Addiction Center, Inc.
Center Ossipee


This piece was submitted to New Futures as part of the series Wishes for NH in 2017: A New Future in a New Year. In this series individuals from the prevention, treatment and recovery sectors discuss what they wish for in regards to substance use disorder policy change for 2017.