Legislative Update: Week of 4/30

This week was a big week in the New Hampshire House, with multiple New Futures' priority bills coming up for important final votes. With things in the State House winding down, here's where some of those bills stand:

sb 313: Medicaid expansion

Thanks to the hard work of hundreds of advocates, after Wednesday's Rally to Reauthorize #MedEx, the full New Hampshire House voted overwhelmingly to pass SB 313 and reauthorize Medicaid Expansion for the 52,000 Granite Staters who rely on the program for access to health care, including critical substance use treatment. Our lawmakers heard our message loud and clear. Now, the Senate must concur with the House's vote and the bill will then make it's way to Governor Sununu's desk. The Senate is expected to concur and Governor Sununu has pledged to sign the bill. This week ensured the continuation of Medicaid Expansion!

sb 592: child protection

Senate Bill 592 passed the House of Representatives with a resounding voice vote. This bill will lead to an improved child protection system, including an increase in funding for voluntary and community-based protection services. It will help our kids start strong and keep them safe. With the passage of SB 592 by the House, the bill made an important step towards being signed into law.

sb 570: child care scholarship program

SB 570 will allow parents in mental health and substance use treatment program access to the state child care scholarship program. The bill passed the Senate unanimously and passed the NH House this week. Access to child care is critical to support our children, mitigate adverse childhood experiences, and set kids up for long-term success.

HB 1809: Balance billing

Balance billing leads to shocking medical bills for Granite State consumers and can end with New Hampshire residents being buried in unexpected medical debt. This week, the the New Hampshire Senate voted unanimously to protecting consumers and pass HB 1809, which will eliminate balance billing in certain circumstances. The bill will soon head to Governor Sununu's desk.

SB 513: New Hampshire Recovery Month

SB 513, which establishes September as New Hampshire Recovery Month, passed the House of Representatives this week. This important bill, which will help New Hampshire honor those in recovery from substance use disorders, will soon be brought to the Governor's desk, where he is expected to sign it into law.