05/08/17Lack of substance misuse services and workforce now costing New Hampshire's economy over $2 billion per year

04/06/17 - Advocating for a Budget that Improves the Health and Wellness of All Granite Staters

03/08/17 - New Futures Expands Mission to Health and Early Childhood Policies

02/10/17 - New Futures Commends Governor Sununu on Releasing a Budget Focused on Turning the Tide on NH's Opioid Crisis

12/15/16 - New Futures Expands Board for 2017 - Officially Welcomes Champions from Law Enforcement and Treatment Sectors

10/22/16 - Substance Misuse Advocates and State Senate Candidate Lee Nyquist Joined New Futures and NH Providers Association to Discuss Solutions to Opioid and Heroin Crisis

10/04/16 - New Futures Expresses Concern Over Trump's Comments on Heroin Crisis - Calls on Candidate to Creat Policy Platform

09/12/16- UNH and New Futures Develop Guide to Accessing Addiction and Mental Health Services

09/08/16 - New Futures Releases Detailed Information on How Legislators Voted on Substnace Misuse Policy

08/16/2016 - New Futures and its Advocates Hold State and Local Officials' Feet to the Fire on Substance Misuse Policy

06/01/2016 - Linda Saunders Paquette Will Remain with New Futures

03/31/2016 - New Hampshire State Senate Voters to Reauthorize Medicaid Expansion

03/09/2016 - New Hampshire House of Representatives Votes in Favor of Continuing Medicaid Expansion, Substance Use Disorder Treamtnet

03/07/2016 - Resignation of Linda Saunders Paquette

03/03/2016 - House Finance Committee Supports HB 1696, Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Thousands is One Step Closer to Reauthorization