2018 Policy Archive

2018 drug policy

HB 1476: Therapeutic Cannabis

HB 1768: Establishing a Cannabis Control Commission

HB 656: Marijuana Legalization

SB 477: Establishing a Therapeutic Cannabis Oversight Board

SB 513: Establishing September as New Hampshire Recovery Month

SB 514: Establishing a Commission to Create a New Hampshire Recovery Monument.


2018 kids count policy

HB 1235: Repealing a Rebuttable Presumption of Harm Related to Child Protection

HB 609: Establishing a Student Career and College Investment Program

SB 247: Preventing Childhood Lead Poisoning

SB 570: Work Requirement for Child Care Scholarships

SB 592: Relative to Voluntary Services and Home Visiting

2018 access to services policy

HB 572: Suspending Prior Authorization Requirements

HB 610: Implementing Needle Exchange Programs

SB 487: Removing Barriers to Entry in the Behavioral Health Workforce

SB 549: Developing a Safe Plan of Care


2018 alcohol policy

CACR 21: Uses 5% of Liquor Profits for Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery

HB 1489: Signs for Specialty Wine & Beer Stores

HB 1743: Fully Funding the Alcohol Fund

HB 1753: Reducing the Age for Legally Possessing Alcohol

2018 health policy

HB 1418: Drug Price Transparency

HB 1516: Commission to Examine Feasibility of New England States entering into Single Payer Health Care

HB 1741: Payments for Covered Prescriptions

HB 1791: Allowing Pharmacists to Disclose Information Relative to Lower Cost Drugs

HB 1809: Balance Billing

HB 1811: New Hampshire Health Protection Program

HB 1813: Lowering the Criteria for Medicaid Expansion Eligibility

SB 313: Medicaid Expansion

2018 other policy

HB 628: Family and Medical Leave Insurance

SB 431: Non-Academic Surveys