2019 Policy Archive

2019 alcohol & other drugs policy

Priority Legislation

HB 481: Marijuana Commercialization

HB 323: Alcohol Advertizing

HB 511: Vaping

CACR 1: Alcohol Fund

Other Bills

HB 359: Warning Labels On Prescription Drugs Containing Opiates

HB 366: Adding Opioid Addiction, Misuse, and Abuse to Qualifying Medical Conditions Under Therapeutic Use Of Cannabis

HB 405: Beer In Refillable Containers

HB 473: Allowing Hobby Distillation Of Liquors

HB 722: The Retail Sale and Taxation Of Marijuana

SB 120: The Controlled Drug Prescription Health and Safety Program

SB 196: Non-academic Surveys Administered By A Public School to Its Students

SB 209: Establishing A Commission to Create A New Hampshire Recovery Memorial

SB 248: Increasing The Age For Sales and Possession Of Tobacco Products

2019 health policy

Priority Legislation

SB 290: Granite Advantage Health Care Program

HB 703: Drug Price Transparency

SB 226: Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

HB 233/SB 4: Codifying the Affordable Care Act

Other Bills

HB 200: Serologic Testing Including Lyme Disease

HB 277: Public Option For Health Insurance.

HB 304: Policies Required For Health Facilities and Special Health Care Service Licenses

HB 359: Warning Labels On Prescription Drugs Containing Opiates

HB 385: Maternity Care Room For Members Of The General Court

HB 490: Role Of Clinical Diagnosis and Limitations Of Serological Diagnostic Tests In Determining The Presence Of Lyme and Other Tick-borne Diseases and Available Treatment Protocols, and Appropriate Methods For Educating Physicians and The Public About I

HB 552: Transparency and Standards For Acquisition Transactions In Health Care

HB 604: Benefits and Costs Of A "Health Care For All" Program For New Hampshire

HB 656: The Impact Of Financial Initiatives For Commercially Insured Members By Drug Manufacturers On Prescription Drug Prices and Health Insurance Premiums

HB 657: The Lowest Cost Option In The Formulary Under The Managed Care Law

HB 658: Price Increases Of Drugs Under The Managed Care Law

HB 659: Reporting Of Internal Pharmaceutical Costs

HB 670: The Cost Of Prescription Drugs

HB 671: Pharmacy Benefit Manager Business Practices, Licensure, and Transparency

HB 690: Removing The Work Requirement Of The New Hampshire Granite Advantage Health Care Program

HB 695: Transparency Of Nonprofit Patient Advocacy Organizations

SB 11: Mental Health Services and Making Appropriations Therefor

SB 228: Multiple-employer Welfare Arrangements

SB 260: A Program For Prescription Drug Costs For Certain Seniors and Making An Appropriation Therefor

SB 293: Federally Qualified Health Care Centers and Rural Health Centers Reimbursement

SB 32: Greater Transparency In Pharmaceutical Costs and Drug Rebate Programs.

SB 4: The Group and Individual Health Insurance Market

SB 58: Reimbursement Rates For Low-dose Mammography Coverage

2019 access to treatment policy

Priority Legislation

SB 308: Health Care Workforce

SB 5: Medicaid Reimbursement Rates

SB 100: Ban the Box

HB 113: Mental Health Licensure

Other Bills

HB 239: Requirements For Supervision For Licensure Of Certain Mental Health and Drug Counselors

HB 253: Criminal Records Checks In The Employee Application Process

HB 373: Allowing Counties to Establish Drug and Alcohol Use Prevention and Treatment Programs

HB 518: Repealing Certain Statutes Concerning Reimbursement Of Cost Of Care By Inmates

HB 637: Criminal History Background Checks By Employers and Public Agencies

HB 662: Establishing A Commission to Study Occupational Licensing Reforms

SB 115: The Business Environment For Mental Health Providers In New Hampshire

SB 176: Mental Health and Human Service Business Process Alignment and Information System Interoperability

SB 180: Privileged Communications Under The Law Governing Mental Health Practice

SB 236: Upgrades to Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facilities

SB 272: Mental Health Parity Under The Insurance Laws

SB 294: Placement Costs For Juvenile Diversion Programs

SB 51: A Commission to Study Expanding Mental Health Courts Statewide

SB 80: Applicants to The Board Of Mental Health Practice From Other States

SB 84: Making Appropriations to The Department Of Health and Human Services For Homeless Services Expansion

SB 87: The Syringe Service Programs

2019 early childhood policy

Priority Legislation

SB 274: Medicaid Home Visiting

SB 261: Grandfamilies Access to Services

HB 310: Wellness and Primary Prevention Council (WPPC)

SB 1: Paid Family and Medical Leave

Other Bills

HB 184: The Calculation Of Kindergarten Students In The Average Daily Membership and Repealing Prorated Kindergarten Funding Based On Keno Revenues

HB 231: Requiring School Districts to Establish Policies Relating to Suspensions and Expulsions

HB 520: Availability Of Diaper Changing Stations In Public Restrooms

HB 550: Extending Foster Care Beyond Age 18

HB 689: A Student Career and College Investment Program and Making An Appropriation Therefor

HB 712: A Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program

SB 116: The New Hampshire Employment Program and Family Assistance Program and Making An Appropriation Therefor

SB 131: Grandfamilies In New Hampshire

SB 14: Child Welfare

SB 246: Licensing Of Child Daycare, Residential Care, and Child-placing Agencies

SB 266: Funding For Kindergarten Pupils, Keno Revenues, and School Building Aid

SB 295: The Office Of The Child Advocate

SB 82: School Food and Nutrition Programs


2019 Children's Behavioral Health Policy