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2020 alcohol & other drugs policy

Priority Legislation & Other Bills

HB 1410: Prohibiting the use of flavors and certain chemicals in vaping products

HB 1591: Relative to cannabis use during pregnancy

HB 1610: Establishing the manufacturer pharmaceutical drug take-back program

HB 1663: Relative to the legalization and regulation of cannabis and making appropriations therefor

SB 248: Increasing the age for sales and possession of tobacco products (retained from 2019 session)

2020 health policy

Priority Legislation & Other Bills

HB 1140: Establishing a hospital merger advisory commission

HB 1280: Relative to copayments for insulin

HB 1513: Requiring the commissioner of the department of health and human services to study the conversion of the Medicaid program to block grant funding and making an appropriation therefor

HB 1520: Establishing the New Hampshire health policy commission

SB 685: Establishing a wholesale prescription drug importation program

SB 687: Relative to transparency in prescription drug pricing and establishing a New Hampshire prescription drug affordability board

SB 690: Relative to prescription drug formulary changes

2020 access to treatment policy

Priority Legislation & Other Bills

HB 1623: Relative to telemedicine and substance use disorder

HB 311: Relative to the authority of the state fire marshal to grant an exemption from fire code requirements to recovery houses (retained from 2019 session)

SB 600: Requiring medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders for prisoners incarcerated in a county correctional facility

SB 647: Relative to medication assisted treatment (MAT) by telemedicine and telehealth services

2020 early childhood policy

Priority Legislation & Other Bills

HB 1233: Relative to coverage for children’s early intervention services

HB 1539: Relative to the relocation of children with elevated lead levels

HB 1638: Relative to the administration of the SNAP incentive programs

HB 1707: Expanding the family-centered early supports and services (FCESS) program to children under the age of 3 who are born substance-exposed

SB 599: Relative to testing for lead in water in schools and child care facilities

SB 618: Requiring employers to provide access to a sufficient space for nursing mothers and reasonable break time

SB 716: Relative to Medicaid coverage for child health and development

2020 Children's Behavioral Health Policy

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