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I just joined New Futures and help the Vice President of Operations and Bookkeeper with all the responsibilities their jobs have. I really love helping the non-profit world and they give so much back to the community. You most likely will see me first when you get off the elevator here! Formerly, I worked with other business and nonprofits in the financial field and attended New Hampshire Technical Institute and Hesser College. I worked in the financial industry with startup companies and helped many small businesses through the COVID issues such as the Payroll Protection Program and essential work required to complete their tax returns, recently just leaving a CPA Firm in Manchester, New Hampshire. I was a licensed 

Realtor in our state so I know how important accurate documents, legal paperwork and follow up is in the financial world. I have grown up and still live in Epsom, New Hampshire after raising two boys. My hobbies are anything musical-playing guitar, keyboard and learning banjo! I like almost anything outdoors, such as camping, hiking and kayaking. I am also an avid organic gardener and have spoken at different conferences, having operated a certified organic farm for over nineteen years.

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603-225-9540 ext. 107