Calling Representatives: RX Drug Price Bills (NOW INCLUDED IN HB 1280)

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Hi Representative ____________,

My name is ________ and I live in __________. I strongly support the bipartisan package of drug price relief bills; SB 685 and 687 (now included in HB 1280). I'm calling today to ask you to vote yes on HB 1280 on June 30th. This bill will give granite Staters the needed relief from the high costs of prescription drug prices. 


HB 1280 is extremely pertinent in this time of COVID-19, as people with underlying medical conditions are six times more likely to be hospitalized and twelve times more likely to die if they contract the virus. Even with health insurance, many cannot afford these medications and are forced to ration or skip doses, further compromising these patients. 

HB 1280 will help relieve Granite Staters from the pains of rising prescription drug prices by allowing the safe importation of some high-cost brand name prescription drugs from Canada, which will generate significant savings for some NH residents and the state. Many high-cost name brand drugs can be much less expensive in Canada, which keeps its cost down through a combination of national price caps and provincial bulk buying. 

Specifically, this combined legislation will help to limit cost increases by allowing New Hampshire to import certain medications from Canada, by capping co-pays for insulin, and by creating a drug affordability board to develop cost-saving strategies and policies, among other measures.

Individually, this combined piece of legislation, will help to improve affordability by capping co-pays for insulin, and by creating a drug affordability board to develop cost-saving strategies and policies, among other measures. This bill represent a significant step forward to improve the health of the Granite State. 

No one should have to chose between their health and financial well-being, yet more and more Granite Staters are forced to do so as prescription price increase year after year.

Skyrocketing and unpredictable prices are forcing many to ration their medication doses or to forgo their prescriptions all together.

In 2017, 22% of New Hampshire residents stopped taking their medications as prescribed due to cost, according to a survey by AARP. These cost-cutting measures are dangerous and put the health and well-being of my friends, neighbors and loved ones at risk.

In the past five years prescription prices have climbed at aggressively fast rates. Since 2014, the price for all drugs, brand name and generic, increase by 32% while inflation increased only 9.69% over that same time.

[personal story about drug prices]

HB 1280 will help relieve me and all Granite Staters of these overwhelming costs.

These increases will continue unless comprehensive steps, like the one before you, are taken. I hope that you will agree and support SB 685 and SB 687. Feel free to call me back if you have any questions. Thank you for all of your work.