Calling Senators: RX Drug Price Bills

call to action

This coming Wednesday and Thursday, the NH Senate  will vote on two critically important bill, SB 685 and SB 687. These bills are a part of the bipartisan package of bills that would curb excessive price increases.  The package also includes SB 690, which is currently being worked on by the Commerce Committee. Please take a few minutes to reach out to Senators and ask them to support SB 685, SB 687, and SB 690 as is.

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Talking points for your call

Hi Senator ____________,

My name is ________ and I live in __________. I strongly support the bipartisan package of drug price relief bills; SB 685, 687, and 690. I'm calling today to ask you to vote yes on SB 685 and SB 687, as well as SB 690 when it comes to the floor. These bills will give granite Staters the needed relief from the high costs of prescription drug prices. 

Individually, these pieces of legislation aim to improve affordability,  transparency, and accesibility of prescription drugs. And together they represent a significant step forward to improve the health of the Granite State. 

No one should have to chose between their health and financial well-being, yet more and more Granite Staters are forced to do so as prescription price increase year after year.

Skyrocketing and unpredictable prices are forcing many to ration their medication doses or to forgo their prescriptions all together.

In 2017, 22% of New Hampshire residents stopped taking their medications as prescribed due to cost, according to a survey by AARP. These cost-cutting measures are dangerous and put the health and well-being of my friends, neighbors and loved ones at risk.

In the past five years prescription prices have climbed at aggressively fast rates. Since 2014, the price for all drugs, brand name and generic, increase by 32% while inflation increased only 9.69% over that same time.

[personal story about drug prices]

Together, SB 685, SB 687, and SB 690 will help relieve me and all Granite Staters of these overwhelming costs. 

  • SB 685 or importation, will address the afforability issue because Canadian wholesale distributors purchase prescription drugs from US manufacturers at lower cost than the manufactures charge US based purchasers for the same medications. Importation of drugs that would generate substantial savings will help us move toward a more open and competitive marketplace that supplies American patients with safe, effective and affordable prescription drugs.
  • SB 687 is a piece of legislation that would give lawmakers and the public a look into what is truly going with drug prices. Gathering information on price increases may not directly force drug manufacturers to lower prescription drug prices. However, they would provide policymakers with enough data to come up with legislative remedies, and it may help nudge manufacturers to rethink unnecessary and exorbitant price increases.
  • Finally, SB 690, or non-medical switching will help ensure that I can receive my medications at a predictable prices every month. I don't have the ability to change insurance plans mid-year; it is not fair that insurance companies can.

These increases will continue unless comprehensive steps, like the one before you, are taken. I hope that you will agree and support SB 685 and SB 687. Feel free to call me back if you have any questions. Thank you for all of your work.