Contact Senators for a Healthy State Budget


A phone call is the most effective way to contact a legislator when advocating on a specific issue or bill. It is helpful for many people to prepare beforehand. 

“Hello, Senator ___. My name is ___, and I live in the town of ___. I am calling to ask you to support a Healthy State Budget."

  • Ask them to please support investment in critical areas like Family Resource Centers and primary prevention programs, tobacco prevention and cessation, and student loan repayment for healthcare professionals, among other areas. 
  • Ask them to please oppose the House proposal to include harmful provisions to the problematic language prohibiting diversity, inclusion, and implicit bias training, and the defunding of family planning, and new restrictions on women’s reproductive rights.
  • Share a brief version of a personalized advocacy message.
  • Thank them for their time and consideration of the issue. Be conscientious of what time you are calling a legislator and be respectful of a legislator’s time. 
  • If they do not answer, leave a brief message with your name, the town in which you live, and your phone number.
  • Senators may have a staff person who answers their phone.

Emails are best used to follow up a phone call with additional information.

  • Be sure to put in the subject line “Constituent of (your town) (Healthy State Budget).”
  • Include your contact information in the signature of the email.
Contact information (Finance Committee in bold):
  1. Senator Erin Hennessey 603.271.4151
  2. Senator Bob Giuda 603.271.3042
  3. Senator Jeb Bradley 603.271.4151
  4. Senator David Watters 603.271.2104
  5. Senator Suzanne Prentiss 603.271.3092
  6. Senator James Gray 603.271.3479
  7. Senator Harold French 603.271.8631
  8. Senator Ruth Ward 603.271.2609
  9. Senator Denise Ricciardi 603.271.2609
  10. Senator Jay Kahn 603.271.3092
  11. Senator Gary Daniels 603.271.4980
  12. Senator Kevin Avard 603.271.3077
  13. Senator Cindy Rosenwald 603.271.3207
  14. Senator Sharon Carson 603.271.1403
  15. Senator Rebecca Whitley 603.271.3092
  16. Senator Kevin Cavanaugh 603.271.4063
  17. Senator John Reagan 603.271.8631
  18. Senator Donna Soucy 603.271.3207
  19. Senator Regina Birdsell 603.271.2609
  20. Senator Lou D'Allesandro 603.271.2117
  21. Senator Rebecca Perkins Kwoka 603.271.2104
  22. Senator Chuck Morse 603.271.3479
  23. Senator Bill Gannon 603.271.3077
  24. Senator Tom Sherman 603.271.7875