Field Grant Opportunity to COVID-19 Equity Taskforce partners and others


New Futures is excited to announce a new Field Grant opportunity to COVID-19 Equity Taskforce partners and others.  Through our work in advocacy, New Futures has come to understand that community-based partners working to advance health equity are often challenged by funding restrictions, which can prevent meaningful participation in policy and advocacy efforts.  By providing small field grants and advocacy stipends, New Futures hopes to increase participation and engagement from regional partners, increasing the profile of equity issues impacted by COVID-19 across the state.

New Futures invites partner organizations and individuals to a submit applications for two Field Grant opportunities for the 2021 legislative session.  Field Grants will be awarded to support two categories of advocacy in the 2021 legislative session, (1) Taskforce/Coalition Participation and (2) Individual Advocacy.

Field Grants will provide funding to allow partners and individuals to directly participate in state level advocacy and lobbying activities around identified COVID-19 health equity policy priorities with the goal of building equity and justice for marginalized communities in NH. Types of activities this grant could fund include (but are not limited to): calling or writing an elected official, hosting or attending a community meeting, tracking a bill through the legislative session, attending a public hearing on a state or local policy issue, submitting written or oral testimony on a bill, engaging a policymaker through social media, or writing a letter to the editor on a relevant policy issue. 

View application as a PDF here.

Taskforce/Coalition Participation Grants

New Futures will award Field Grants up to $2,000 per organization per legislative session to support direct advocacy and lobbying efforts. Field Grants will be accepted, awarded, and disbursed in two rounds to coincide with key timeframes of the New Hampshire legislative session.  Funds will be released in two payments, the first in early October and again just as the legislative session begins in January. 

Taskforce/Coalition Grants are unrestricted funds and are intended to elevate an organization’s engagement in advocacy. Participation in advancing COVID-19 Equity Taskforce priorities is required.

Advocacy Field Grants

New Futures will award Advocacy Grants to individuals on a rolling basis to support participation in advocacy. These grants may be used to support participation in a New Futures advocacy training, travel to attend a hearing, childcare costs, and other expenses related to advocacy.  These funds cannot be used to pay an advocate for time spent lobbying but can be used to offset other expenses which become barriers to participation. Organizations may refer volunteers, members of the public, or their own advocates for these field grants.

Application DEADLINES

Applications for Round 1 of Taskforce/Coalition Participation grants are due by 11:59PM on September 15, 2020. Grantees will be notified on or around October 1, 2020.    

Applications for Round 2 of Taskforce/Coalition Participation grants are due by 11:59 PM on December 15, 2020.  Grantees will be notified on or around December 31, 2020.

Applications for Individual Advocacy Field Grants have no deadline and will be accepted on a rolling basis as needed beginning on October 1, 2020.  

Eligibility for Taskforce/Coalition Participation Grants

To apply your organization must be a non-for-profit entity or a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Grantee Expectations

If awarded a Taskforce/Coalition Participation Grant, the Grantee is expected to participate in the following activities:

  • Attend and actively participate in monthly COVID-19 Equity Taskforce Table meetings;
  • Attend a New Futures Advocacy Training (see New Futures Training Menu) or, if preferred, coordinate for one to be provided by New Futures at your organization;
  • Engage in at least two of the following advocacy activities;
    • Write and submit letters to the editor on COVID-19 health equity priorities
    • Write and submit written and oral testimony at hearings on bills related to COVID-19 health equity priorities
    • Attend in-district hearings in regional areas
    • Attend one on one meetings with key stakeholders, or
    • Attend and participate in legislative breakfasts and other events

Failure to actively engage in advocacy activities without cause may result in ineligibility for second round or future funding.

What Field Grants Do NOT SUPPORT

  • Projects that don’t align or intersect with COVID-19 Equity Taskforce priorities (Taskforce priorities generally fall into the following categories: concerns related to immigrants, digital divide and education, food insecurity, housing and homelessness, justice-involved populations, behavioral health, and older adults and individuals with disabilities.)
  • Supports for individuals that do not relate to advocacy activities

Application for Coalition Participation

Applications should be formatted as outlined below and include all referenced materials. Your completed application should be directed and sent to:

Michele Merritt
100 North Main Street, 4th Floor | Concord, NH

*Emailed applications are preferred*

Please place the following in the title of the email Organization Coalition Participation Application, Your Organization’s Name.

    • Please choose one person as a Lead Contact and one Financial Contact, provide all relevant contact information
    • Please fill out and included a signed copy of the Statement of Commitment
    • Briefly describe why your organization would benefit from a field grant and include in your response answers to these questions:
      1. Statement of Need: Why does your organization need a field grant for coalition participation activities?
      2. Policy Objective: What do you hope to accomplish? How do your 2020 priorities align with the work of the COVID-19 Equity Taskforce? How will this policy change impact communities of color or other marginalized communities in NH?
      3. Advocacy Activities: How do you envision using the funds? What specific activities (calling an elected official, attending a virtual rally or townhall event, testifying on a bill, participating in an advocacy training, attending advocacy coalition meetings, etc.) do you hope to engage in to advance your stated policy objective?
      4. Capacity Building:  How will this grant improve your ability to engage in policy and advocacy work in the future?
    • Please indicate the amount you are seeking and if you are seeking support in both rounds of funds disbursement.  A maximum of $1,000 per organization per round may be awarded. 
    • If Approved, we will ask for:
      1. IRS 501 3(c) determination letter or certificate of good standing
      2. Board Member list
      3. W-9

Eligibility for Individual Advocacy Grants

To apply the individual must be a New Hampshire resident experiencing a barrier to civic engagement or participation.

Application for Individual Advocacy

Applications should be formatted as outlined below and include all referenced materials. Your completed application should be directed and sent to:

Michele Merritt
100 North Main Street, 4th Floor | Concord, NH

*Emailed applications are preferred* 

Please place the following in the title of the email Organization Individual Advocacy, Your Full Name.

    • Please include contact information for primary contact or recipient 
    • Please fill out and included a signed copy of the Statement of Commitment
  1. STATEMENT OF NEED (not to exceed 300 words)  
    • Briefly describe individual need, amount of funds requested (or specific support requested i.e. gas card, childcare, etc.), and specific advocacy action this will support (i.e. attending an advocacy training or event, inviting an elected official to coffee, hosting a virtual townhall or phonebank on an issue of importance, attending a bill hearing, etc.)


I, _________________, fully commit to use Field Grant funds to support advocacy efforts for myself and/or my organization and further agree to engaged in the advocacy activities outlined in the Field Grant application and found within my statement of need. 


____________________________                            ____________________________

Printed Name                                                             Date


____________________________                            ____________________________

Signed Name                                                             Date