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Take Action:

House Bill 1606 has passed the NH State Legislature and is headed to Governor Sununu's desk. This bill proposes to weaken New Hampshire’s vaccine registry, a critical tool in increasing vaccination rates and combatting infectious disease, by forcing individuals to opt-in to the program rather than allowing them to opt-out, as is the case under current law. Currently, individuals can choose at any time not to participate in the registry, a secure and confidential database that helps to monitor community immunization rates and identify coverage gaps. By shifting the program to “opt-in” participation, however, this bill would create new barriers to participation, limiting the data available, and leaving the state without a critical tool to inform its public health response.

Please join us in opposing this bill. Here are ways to make your voices heard:

  • NH was the last state to adopt a vaccine registry – this works for all 49 other states and is a tested and standard tool for fighting preventable illnesses in children.
  • Vaccine registries prevent unnecessary duplicate vaccinations.
  • Registries save families time and help them keep accurate records.
  • Opt-In Registries are much less helpful and create extra paperwork and red tape for families and busy clinicians.
  • The current Opt-Out status of NH registry allows families an easy way to choose not to participate.  It works in NH just as it has worked in the 49 other states and the District of Columbia.

(Information from the NH Medical Society)