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HB 1591: ELIMINATING THE ENFORCEMENT DIVISION OF THE LIQUOR COMMISSION - Jeopardizes safe operation of licensed vaping and alcohol establishments by eliminating the enforcement division of the NH Liquor Commission.

  • New Futures opposed 
  • Defeated in House 

HB 1598: LEGALIZING THE POSSESSION & USE OF CANNABIS - Fails to meet the principles required for safe cannabis commercialization policy and regulation. The optimal cannabis commercialization policy for our state must utilize the best available scientific evidence and equity in the state. 

  • New Futures opposed
  • Defeated in Senate

SB 275: RELATIVE TO THE OPIOID ABATEMENT TRUST FUND - Strengthens substance use prevention by allowing opioid abatement funds, received through legal settlements from opioid manufacturers, to be used on evidence-based prevention programs.

  • New Futures supported 
  • Passed Senate, House; signed into law