What is Responsible Drinking?

Presented by: Liz Brochu, CADY Youth Services Director/Certified Prevention Specialist and

Emily Shanahan, CADY Outreach and Communications Director/Certified Prevention Specialist

Prime for Life, an evidence-based prevention, intervention and pre-treatment program, helps people learn to reduce their risk of alcohol and drug-related problems throughout life. This webinar will briefly cover the National drinking norms for adults and discuss what responsible/moderate drinking really means.

An understanding of potential risks associated with high-risk alcohol choices is an important tool for protecting what we value. When presented in a non-judgmental way, carefully selected information can provoke new thinking and provide individuals with a solid basis for making decisions about their own alcohol use.

Results from more than 28 years of instructors teaching Prime for Life indicate the the curriculum is effective in helping participants change their high-risk behaviors. Prime for Life has also been shown to reduce recidivism and increase abstinence.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021 - 11:30