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Priority Legislation

SB 308: Health Care Workforce

  • This bill increases the Medicaid provider rates, requires certain health care professionals to complete a survey collecting data on the primary care workforce, requires the department of health and human services to amend the income standard used for eligibility for the "in and out" medical assistance policy, permits the department of safety to contract with a private agency to process background check applications, and requires the department to accept and process background check applications online, amends the definitions and services covered through telemedicine, makes appropriations to the department of health and human services, rural health and primary care section to establish new positions and programs to develop and enhance the state's healthcare workforce, and makes an appropriation to the governor's scholarship program for scholarships to students majoring in a health care field and to postsecondary educational institutions to develop and enhance programs of study offered in health care.
  • New Futures supports SB 308. 
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SB 5: Medicaid Reimbursement Rates

  • This bill makes an appropriation to the department of health and human services relative to Medicaid provider rates for mental health and substance misuse.
  • New Futures supports SB 5. 
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SB 100: Ban the Box

  • This bill prohibits discrimination in employment based on criminal background checks.
  • New Futures supports SB 100. 
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HB 113: Mental Health Licensure

  • This bill allows experience as a master licensed alcohol and drug counselor to qualify as experience for licensure as a clinical social worker or clinical mental health counselor. The bill also clarifies the mental health license exemption for psychotherapy activities and services of psychologists and master licensed alcohol and drug counselors.
  • New Futures supports HB 113. 
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Other Bills

HB 239: Requirements For Supervision For Licensure Of Certain Mental Health and Drug Counselors

HB 253: Criminal Records Checks In The Employee Application Process

HB 373: Allowing Counties to Establish Drug and Alcohol Use Prevention and Treatment Programs

HB 518: Repealing Certain Statutes Concerning Reimbursement Of Cost Of Care By Inmates

HB 637: Criminal History Background Checks By Employers and Public Agencies

HB 662: Establishing A Commission to Study Occupational Licensing Reforms

SB 115: The Business Environment For Mental Health Providers In New Hampshire

SB 176: Mental Health and Human Service Business Process Alignment and Information System Interoperability

SB 180: Privileged Communications Under The Law Governing Mental Health Practice

SB 236: Upgrades to Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facilities

SB 272: Mental Health Parity Under The Insurance Laws

SB 294: Placement Costs For Juvenile Diversion Programs

SB 51: A Commission to Study Expanding Mental Health Courts Statewide

SB 80: Applicants to The Board Of Mental Health Practice From Other States

SB 84: Making Appropriations to The Department Of Health and Human Services For Homeless Services Expansion

SB 87: The Syringe Service Programs