State Budget Ins and Outs

New Hampshire lawmakers are in the process of crafting the state budget for Fiscal Years 2022 and 2023. To start, Governor Sununu released his budget proposal to the Legislature in February. Members of the House Finance Committee worked with state agencies to review the Governor’s proposal and assess program needs. The Finance Committee developed and approved its own budget proposal, it moved on to a vote in the full House of Representatives. Now, the budget proposal moves over to the state Senate for action. A final budget, approved by both the House and Senate, will go to the Governor’s desk for approval by July 1.
For more on the process, watch our full Budget Advocacy Training.

Governor Sununu proposed his state budget in February. Which critical health and wellness priorities were included? 

The house approved its budget in early April. Which critical health and wellness priorities were included? 

Opportunities to Advocate

We know you're passionate about NH health and wellness - become an advocate for the New Futures Five-Point Plan for a Healthy State Budget!
1.    Supports public health programs and services,
2.    Grows New Hampshire's health care workforce,
3.    Sustains and grows behavioral health services,
4.    Strengthens Granite State children and families, and
5.    Ensures behavioral health services for children. 
Share your story about one or more of these issues here to advocate for continued support for these programs.
We must urge lawmakers to adequately fund programs in the state budget that will keep our state strong and healthy. 
Share your health and wellness interests with us here. Let our team know what issues matter to you and we will help you use your voice effectively throughout the legislative session and beyond. 

Your voice matters and we want to help you use your voice effectively to make health and wellness improvements in the Granite State!