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A phone call is the most effective way to contact a legislator when advocating on a specific issue or bill. It is helpful for many people to prepare beforehand. Here is a sample script:

“Hello, Representative/Senator ___. My name is ___, and I live in your district in the town of ___. I am calling to ask you to support/oppose (bill #, issue). (Share brief version of personalized advocacy message. Bullet points are helpful). Thank you for your time and consideration on this issue."

  • Be conscientious of what time you are calling a legislator.
  • Keep conversations short and respectful of a legislator’s time. If you would like to have a longer conversation, ask to set up a meeting.
  • If they do not answer, leave a brief message with your name, the town in which you live, and your phone number.
  • Senators may have a staff person who answers their phone.
  • Representatives phone numbers are their personal numbers, so sometimes a family member will answer the phone. Politely ask to leave your name and number with them.

Emails are best used to follow up a phone call with additional information. If you are using email to initially contact a legislator, be sure to put in the subject line “Constituent of (your town) (bill number) (issue).” Legislators get a lot of emails and this is one way to increase the likelihood yours will be seen. Include your contact information in the signature of the email.

Meet In Person

You can meet with a legislator in person to discuss an issue more in- depth. This builds and strengthens your relationship for the future.