2021 Granite State Health and Wellness Campaign

 In preparation for this highly anticipated budget year, so many of you have played a pivotal role helping us put together our policy priorities via surveys and listening sessions. With your invaluable insights and perspectives, we have formed our New Futures' Five-Point Plan, which outlines critical investments in public health initiatives; behavioral health prevention, treatment, and recovery programs; children's behavioral health services; and early childhood supports, among other areas.

Click here to view our Five-Point Plan one-pager: Five-Point Plan for a Healthy State Budget

Share your Story 

Story collection link: https://secure.everyaction.com/8HiY0CNWpUGczpkONF_OSQ2

In a year when so many aspects of health and wellness have been critically impacted, there are a wide swath of issues that we must make sure get funded in the New Hampshire state budget. Share your story about one or more of these issues here to advocate for continued support for these programs.

Sign the Petition

Petition link: https://secure.everyaction.com/HMtGrVLEMES7HpMWx7i7xg2 

The 5 initiatives in our plan for a healthy state budget seek to address the COVID-19 pandemic, improve racial health disparities for historically marginalized groups, and ensure all Granite Staters are healthy now and into the future. We must ask lawmakers to adequately fund programs in the state budget that will keep our state strong and healthy. Sign this petition to ask lawmakers to pass a budget that:

1.    Supports public health programs and services,
2.    Grows New Hampshire's health care workforce,
3.    Sustains and grows behavioral health services,
4.    Strengthens Granite State children and families, and
5.    Ensures behavioral health services for children.