2021 Granite State Health and Wellness Campaign


As we continue to experience unspeakable loss as a society, we see a public health system tried like never before. At New Futures, we’re not interested in building back to where things were before the pandemic and the protests for racial equity. We’re placing health equity at the forefront of everything we do to ensure all Granite Staters have a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. 

New Futures' Five-Point Plan outlines critical investments in public health initiatives; behavioral health prevention, treatment, and recovery programs; children's behavioral health services; and early childhood supports, among other areas. These 5 budget initiatives seek to address the COVID-19 pandemic, improve racial health disparities for historically marginalized groups, and ensure all Granite Staters are healthy now and into the future. Read Granite State stories in support of a healthy state budget. 

Budget Updates

The full House of Representatives passed their State Budget proposal, HB 1 (by a 205-178 vote) and HB 2 (200-181). As proposed, this budget would fail to invest sufficiently in critical areas like Family Resource Centers and primary prevention programs, tobacco prevention and cessation, and student loan repayment for healthcare professionals, among other areas. Further, the budget includes harmful provisions to abolish the enforcement division of the NH Liquor Commission, to defund essential reproductive health providers, and to ban dissemination of certain ‘divisive concepts’ like unconscious bias related to sex and race that are critical to addressing public health disparities across our state. View our full statement here.

Our Concerns

The House-passed State Budget would have a detrimental impact on the health and safety of all Granite State residents. Read more here. Our areas of concern include:

  • No additional funding for Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program, Student Loan Repayment, Family Resource Centers, an Adult Immunization Program, or to provide community health workers to Public Health Networks, critical New Futures' Five-Point Plan initiatives
  • Devastating cuts to Health and Human Services: “Back of the budget” cuts of $50 million and the elimination of 226 positions over the biennium to the Health and Human Services Department. 
  • Dangerous elimination of liquor enforcement designed to ensure public health and safety, essentially abolishing the NH Liquor Commission Division of Liquor Enforcement and Licensing by eliminating 21 law enforcement positions in HB 1 and renaming the  Bureau to “Licensing and Education”. Prevention partners around the state will lose a key partner in protecting and preventing alcohol and tobacco-related problems in their communities.
  • Harmful ban on the propagation of concepts related to sex and race (language from HB 455). From a public health standpoint, there is clear evidence that inequities and disparities disproportionately affect people of color and women. However, If we can’t talk about the facts and that health disparities exist, we can’t solve the problem.
  • Defunding of essential health care providers, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE) and independent abortion providers, thereby slashing access to birth control, STD testing and treatment, and other essential health care services.

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The State Budget Process

New Hampshire lawmakers are in the process of crafting the state budget for Fiscal Years 2022 and 2023. To start, Governor Sununu released his budget proposal to the Legislature in February. Members of the House Finance Committee worked with state agencies to review the Governor’s proposal and assess program needs. The Finance Committee developed and approved its own budget proposal, it moved on to a vote in the full House of Representatives. Now, the budget proposal moves over to the state Senate for action. A final budget, approved by both the House and Senate, will go to the Governor’s desk for approval by July 1.

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Share your Story 

Story collection link: https://secure.everyaction.com/8HiY0CNWpUGczpkONF_OSQ2

In a year when so many aspects of health and wellness have been critically impacted, there is a wide swath of issues that we must make sure get funded in the New Hampshire state budget. Share your story about one or more of these issues here to advocate for continued support for these programs.

Sign the Petition

Petition link: https://secure.everyaction.com/HMtGrVLEMES7HpMWx7i7xg2 

We must ask lawmakers to adequately fund programs in the state budget that will keep our state strong and healthy. Sign this petition to ask lawmakers to pass a budget that:

1.    Supports public health programs and services,
2.    Grows New Hampshire's health care workforce,
3.    Sustains and grows behavioral health services,
4.    Strengthens Granite State children and families, and
5.    Ensures behavioral health services for children.

Become an Advocate

Share your health and wellness interests with us here: https://new-futures.org/become-an-advocate

Let our team know what issues matter to you and we will help you use your voice effectively throughout the legislative session and beyond. Your voice matters and we want to help you use your voice effectively to make health and wellness improvements in the Granite State!


Thank you to Advocates and Partners for your input on the five budget priorities! In preparation for this highly anticipated budget year, so many of you have played a pivotal role in helping us put together our policy priorities via surveys and listening sessions. With your invaluable insights and perspectives, we have formed our New Futures' Five-Point Plan.