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The greatest mortality from addictive substances in the United States is from legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco. New Futures supports regulatory policies and strategies for legal addictive substances that restrict access and prevent misuse.

Why It Matters

Commercializing addictive products increases the number of people who get exposed and the negative consequences of its use. Public Health and prevention-based state regulations play a critical role in preventing substance misuse and increased access to these products.

By the Numbers

1 in 5

deaths among U.S. adults aged 20-49 is linked to excessive alcohol use. Notably, New Hampshire ranks 12th in alcohol-related deaths in this demographic, according to 2022 CDC data (

$801 million

in total gross sales recorded by NH Liquor Commission in 2021. Up until 2023, less than 5% of the gross profits has been set aside for the harms incurred by alcohol abuse.

Our Impact

New Futures has successfully advocated for a fully funded Alcohol Fund and the creation of the Opioid Abatement Trust Fund to ensure that revenue and settlement funds are used to reduce the harms of alcohol and drug addiction in New Hampshire. Furthermore, as state policymakers debate the commercialization of cannabis, it is imperative to get the policy right from the start. Optimal cannabis commercialization policy for our state must utilize the best available scientific evidence to reduce public harm, limit youth and problematic use, and purposefully advance social justice and equity in the state.

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