Affordable Prescription Drugs

Prescription DrugsAffordable Prescription Drugs


In New Hampshire and across the country, the rising costs of prescription drugs are threatening the health and financial well-being of individuals and families.

Why It Matters

Year after year, rising prescription drug costs are contributing to higher insurance premiums and cost-sharing, leaving Granite Staters unable to afford their prescriptions. This forces many patients to ration their medications or skip them all together, which can severely compromise their health and well-being.

Our Impact

To help address rising prescription drug prices, New Futures helped draft and pass legislation in 2020 establishing a reimportation program to allow the State to import prescription drugs from Canada to make the market more affordable. Further, we helped pass a bill creating New Hampshire’s Prescription Drug Affordability Board.  The board, which consists of legislators and health care providers, helps to set spending targets and develop strategies to limit rising drug costs in New Hampshire.  In the years since, we have helped defeat several efforts to weaken and undermine the board, and we look forward to supporting its work in the years to come to develop strategies to combat rising prices and provide some cost relief to New Hampshire patients.

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