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In New Hampshire, the health of our state is directly tied to access to care. With one of the country’s oldest populations, New Hampshire residents face significant health care needs. Still, high costs and limited workforce leave quality care out of reach for many.

Why It Matters

In New Hampshire and all across the country, there are many factors limiting access to health care. High insurance premiums and other costs have placed quality care out of reach for many individuals and families; and even when price is not an issue, severe workforce shortages have left many patients facing long distances and wait times to get the care they need. For years, New Futures has worked to address these concerns, to limit health care costs and to build a workforce capable of meeting the needs of New Hampshire residents. We have helped to ensure insurance coverage for individuals and families in need; pushed for a telehealth system that allows individuals to receive care from home; and looked to grow the workforce by increasing insurance reimbursement and student loan repayment, among other benefits, for health care professionals. We look forward to continuing our work over the year to improve the health of our state and help Granite Staters access the care they need.

Our Impact

Over recent years, New Hampshire’s Medicaid rates have been the lowest in New England and among the lowest in the nation. This not only makes it more expensive for health care providers to treat individuals in need, but it severely hampers their budgets, limiting their ability to recruit and retain workers. New Futures has worked to address this over recent years. In 2020 we helped lead a broad coalition of healthcare providers and advocates to push for consecutive 3.1 percent rate increases to Medicaid rates; and this year, we helped lead the charge for $135 million invested in the State Budget to further boost reimbursement rates. These rate increases began going into effect in summer 2023. Over the years to come, New Futures is prepared to build on these successes by working with the legislature to increase investments in training and recruitment to help further develop New Hampshire’s health care workforce and increase access to care for all who need it.

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