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RecoveryBuilding Recovery Networks


Nearly a decade into New Hampshire’s addiction crisis, tens of thousands of Granite Staters are in recovery from Substance Use Disorder, and are working to help others achieve recovery, as well. New Futures has worked for years to help establish a network of recovery centers across New Hampshire to help individuals overcome active addiction.

Why It Matters

Peer support is a critical component to achieving long-term recovery from Substance Use Disorder. Thanks in part to New Futures’ work, peer supports and other recovery services are now available to individuals in need all across New Hampshire. The state’s recovery network has grown over recent years to include nearly 20 recovery centers around the state. Together, these centers serve thousands of people each year, providing critical peer support and connecting them to housing, transportation and other needed services. Similarly, New Futures has helped to grow housing resources available to individuals in recovery. Though a shortage remains in some parts of the state, more than 90 recovery homes have been certified across New Hampshire, totaling more than 1,200 beds. Additionally, the Department of Justice’s Community Housing Program, which supports individuals in drug courts and coming out of incarceration, has helped secure housing for more than 750 individuals since it launched in 2021. These peer support and housing resources are playing a pivotal role in helping New Hampshire to overcome the ongoing addiction crisis and help individuals obtain long-term recovery.

Our Impact

Since the beginning, New Futures has played a key role in growing New Hampshire’s network of recovery centers. With New Futures’ support, the State established the network in 2016 when it first funded a Facilitating Organization to provide financial and administrative services, among others, to recovery centers around the state. Since then, New Futures and the F.O. have helped the network grow to 19 recovery centers, operated by 12 separate organizations, that have served more than 6,500 individuals collectively over the last three years.

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