Providing nonpartisan, evidence-based solutions

Our ApproachProviding nonpartisan, evidence-based solutions


We solve problems through policy change.

For over 25 years, New Futures has provided nonpartisan, evidence-based solutions to New Hampshire’s health challenges. We work to build bridges among policymakers and secure the passage of laws that improve access to early childhood supports, health insurance, substance use treatment, and prevention programming. Through policy change, we can ensure that social service programs and statewide systems work for everyone—especially the populations they are designed to serve.

How We Do It

Cultivating Civic Leadership: Providing individuals with the knowledge, skills, resources, and opportunities they need to take control of their story and create positive public policy change.

Educating Communities: Providing communities with information and resources that help them understand complex issues, make informed decisions, and take action to improve the policies impacting their lives.

Building Partnerships: Bringing together individuals, organizations, and communities to work towards common goals through collaboration, resource sharing, and coordination.

Advancing Public Policy: Bringing the knowledge and expertise required to develop, implement, and evaluate public policy solutions to effectively address the needs and concerns of individuals and communities.


Our Mission
New Futures works to improve the health and well-being of all Granite Staters through public policy change and civic empowerment.

We combine the subject matter expertise of

  • Our policy staff, who have in-depth knowledge of the legislative process and grass-tops connections in their respective fields
  • Our community engagement staff, who connect Granite Staters to our issues and empowers them to take action
  • Our strategic communications staff, who ensures unified messaging of our issues in the media and among policymakers

Whether the aim is to pass or prevent the passage of legislation on a particular health issue, defend against cuts to critical public programs, or educate a particular group about the impact of a law or regulation, our model helps make a difference.

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Policy Priority Areas

New Futures provides strategic, data-driven resources and policy expertise to advance health policy in the following areas:

Early Childhood

Strengthening families, mitigating adverse childhood experiences

Children’s Behavioral Health

Supporting a comprehensive system of care


Ensuring access to quality, affordable healthcare

Substance Use Disorder

Addressing stigma and discrimination in care for those struggling with addiction

Public Health

Protecting New Hampshire’s public health system

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Preventing substance use through community education and regulatory strategies

Our 2023 Impact








TEXT MESSAGES SENT to advocates & lawmakers


Partner Organizations Involved


In State and Federal Funding to Support Granite Staters

Helped secure $324.68 million in state-funded dollars & $675.78 million in federally-funded dollars in the FY 2024-25 New Hampshire State Budget to support New Futures 2023 policy priorities.

TOTAL: More than $1 Billion dollars for programs supporting NH’s most vulnerable children, families, and individuals.

Campaign Versus Ongoing Advocacy

New Futures’ work centers on building advocacy capacity in the state of New Hampshire, and we recognize that coordination and partnerships with stakeholders are crucial to achieving its mission. Therefore, the organization collaborates and provides support for nonprofits with aligned missions. Further, to advance positive policies for the health and wellness of all Granite Staters, we employ both campaign and ongoing advocacy.

Campaign Capacity

New Futures works on a few targeted issue-based campaigns each legislative session which push proactive policy initiatives forward in a large-scale, public facing manner. These campaigns may include in-district meetings, legislative breakfasts, frequent contact with the media, phone banks and letters to the editor campaigns, mobilizing advocates to rally or testify, providing written and oral testimony, and more.

Ongoing Advocacy Capacity

New Futures actively engages in supporting or opposing key bills vital to the health of New Hampshire's citizens. By closely monitoring and participating in the legislative process, we provide testimony, organize partners, collaborate with the media, and mobilize advocates as needed. Combining campaigns with ongoing advocacy significantly enhances the chances of achieving important, multi-issue policy goals to promote the well-being of New Hampshire.

Your contribution to New Futures will leave a lasting impact in the Granite State!


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