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System of CareChildren's Behavioral Health System


New Hampshire’s System of Care for Children’s Behavioral Health has been an important investment for our state since its inception in 2016. The System of Care provides a comprehensive spectrum of services to Granite State children and families to give children the best chance of success as they grow into the future of our state.

Why It Matters

New Hampshire’s children are experiencing an unprecedented mental health crisis. Data shows increased rates of suicidal ideation and attempts. Having access to the critical resources included in the System of Care is pivotal to preserving the health and wellness of our state.

By the Numbers

13% – 20%

According to Hoover et al. (2019), approximately 20% of U.S. children meet the criteria for a mental health disorder, while 5% of adolescents meet the criteria for a substance use disorder

Our Impact

In 2023, New Futures successfully advocated for the largest state investment in the System of Care ever at over $60 million. This funding will help support programs designed to be youth and family-driven, community-based, culturally and linguistically competent, and trauma-informed. The System of Care includes programs critical to families, such as FAST Forward or Wraparound, in-school supports, and mobile crisis teams that help stabilize children wherever they are in the community. These community-based resources are critical to ending the emergency room boarding crisis and promoting better outcomes for our youth.

In 2024, New Futures worked on legislation that establishes a committee to assess and address insurance coverage gaps and parity compliance for mental health services for youth in New Hampshire. These services include wraparound services, behavioral or mental health crisis assessments, crisis intervention services, crisis stabilization services, intensive in-home services, residential treatment services, intensive structured outpatient programs, parent and youth peer support services, and partial hospitalization programs, among other services critical to meeting the needs of New Hampshire's most vulnerable children.

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