Spanning all stages of life

Policy Priority AreasSpanning all stages of life


New Futures works on a few targeted issue-based campaigns each legislative session to push proactive policy initiatives forward in a large-scale, public-facing manner. We also track, inform on, and provide support to partners on many other issues throughout the session.



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Public Policy
New Futures brings the knowledge and expertise required to develop, implement, and evaluate public policy solutions to effectively address the needs and concerns of individuals and communities.

Policy Priority Areas

New Futures provides strategic, data-driven resources and policy expertise to advance health policy in the following areas:

Early Childhood

Strengthening families, mitigating adverse childhood experiences

Children’s Behavioral Health

Supporting a comprehensive system of care


Ensuring access to quality, affordable healthcare

Substance Use Disorder

Addressing stigma and discrimination in care for those struggling with addiction

Public Health

Protecting New Hampshire’s public health system

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Preventing substance use through community education and regulatory strategies

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