Infant and Early Child Mental Health

Childhood Mental HealthInfant and Early Child Mental Health


Creating supports for children and their families and incorporating Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health into the existing children’s system of care can create home environments that foster positive mental health outcomes that start from infancy and extend through adulthood.

Why It Matters

Healthy social and emotional development early in life gives children the skills they need to be successful throughout school and into adulthood. Infants and children thrive when they have nurturing relationships with their parents and primary caregivers.

By the Numbers


of young children experience mental health conditions. (Zero to Three)


for every dollar invested into IECMH programs, $3.64 is returned in prevented treatments later in life (Zero to Three)


NH has a notable population of children under 7, yet just 6.5% of those evaluated at mental health centers fall in this age group, revealing underrepresentation in treatment.


of children in NH under the age of 7 have experienced multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Our Impact

In 2023, New Futures worked with key legislative partners to secure $1,000,000 for a pilot program aimed at improving infant and early childhood mental health, including placing IECMH consultants at childcare centers. This program is a key component to improving outcomes for children in childcare centers and their families.

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