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New Futures provides trainings at no cost to advocates and organizations who share one or more of our health policy priorities. Our expectation is that trained advocates will use their voices to speak up for the health and wellness of all Granite State residents.

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Advocacy basics for individuals who want to advocate

Traditional New Futures Advocacy Training 
Offered at New Futures’ offices or a Concord location. Focuses on how a bill becomes a law in NH, specific advocacy skills, and communicating with legislators. (6-hour training)

Advocacy On-The-Road 
Advocacy training that focuses on how a bill becomes a law in NH and specific advocacy skills such as making calls to legislators, writing LTEs, developing effective talking points, etc. (2-4-hour training)

NH Legislative Process 101 
Training on how a bill becomes a law in NH. (1-2-hour training)

Who is New Futures? 
This presentation provides an outline of who we are, what we do, and how we can help your organization maximize your advocacy impact. (30 minute presentation)

New Futures Legislative Priorities 
Presentation on New Futures policy priorities in the current or upcoming legislative session, and how community stakeholders can get involved. (30 minutes to 1-hour presentation)

Language & Stigma Training 
The language we use impacts policy outcomes in the health arena. This training empowers advocates to change outcomes by changing their words. (1-hour training)


main courses

Advocacy basics for nonprofit organizations that want to advocate

Organizational Advocacy 
Our advocacy 101 training with an organizational spin. How can your organization work together to cultivate advocacy practices? This training covers tracking bills, developing a communications strategy, organizing volunteers, and building coalitions around legislative priorities. (5-6-hour training)

Advocate Turnout 101  
How do you effectively outreach to advocates to ensure turnout at a public event or hearing?  This training discusses setting goals, establishing a timeline, and strategizing calls to action. Participants will walk away with skills in making both the hard ask and confirmation calls. (1-hour training)

Social Media Consultation 
After completing a social media audit form, the New Futures communications team will provide recommendations to organizations about their social media use, and how to better use social media to amplify their priorities. (Series of meetings) 

AdvoKit Database Training
This training is intended for organizations that utilize the AdvoKit database for tracking NH legislation. Participants will learn how to input and track bills, how to assign and prioritize bills, and how to run AdvoKit reports. (1-2-hour training)

Activating Networks & Building Coalitions 
Have you every wondered how to engage stakeholders around a shared priority? This training helps you identify who is in your network, then build coalitions around shared values.  (1-2-hour training)

Nonprofit Advocacy Rulebook- Lobbying vs. Advocacy, and Other Considerations
Nonprofit organizations must meet state and federal guidelines if they take part in advocacy activities. Additionally, funders often have certain expectations of how their dollars will be used. How can your organization navigate these complex considerations, without sacrificing its advocate voice? This training covers these concerns and offers recommendations. (2-hour training)

Hosting Legislative Events 
Are you ready to speak with your legislators about the work you do, or key priorities you’d like to see achieved?  This training covers the basics of planning and hosting a legislative event in New Hampshire. (1-2-hour training)

Press & Media Training 
Media coverage is essential to bringing attention to an issue or campaign that your organization cares about. But, interacting with the press, or catching the media’s attention, can be a challenge. This training provides tips and tricks for the best ways to engage with your media contacts and promote your story. (2-hour training)

Data Consultation
The New Futures data manager will work with your organization to review the ways in which you organize and utilize your data systems. (Series of meetings)

policy specials

In-depth presentations on policy issue areas

The Substance Use Crisis in NH 
The substance crisis has been a topic of national news, and NH lies at the heart these stories. Learn about how the substance use crisis began in NH, why it hit NH so hard, how organizations and individuals are responding, and what you can do to make a difference. (1/2 – 1-hour presentation)

Marijuana Policy Landscape 
Presentation that covers an overview of marijuana policy in NH, and how individuals can get involved in upcoming actions opposing marijuana commercialization in the Granite State. (1-2-hour presentation)

Access to Treatment 101 
An overview of access to behavioral health treatment in NH, and how individuals can get involved in upcoming legislative actions to improve the system. (1-2-hour presentation)

Social Determinants of Health 
Social and economic factors predict up to 40% of individual and population health outcomes. This training encourages individuals to identify the social determinants of health in legislation and everyday life. (1/2 – 2-hour training)

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) 
Research shows that adverse childhood experiences (ACES) can negatively impact lifelong health outcomes. This presentation defines ACES and introduces the audience to policies to combat them. (1-hour presentation)

Children’s Behavioral Health System in NH 
Services for children with behavioral health concerns can be difficult to navigate in NH. This presentation offers an overview and calls advocates to get involved in improving the system. (1-2 hour presentation)

Advocates that complete these trainings are considered “Trained New Futures Advocates” and join a cohort of more than 1,000 trained advocates who have completed a New Futures advocacy training since 2000.

 These trainings are available “on-the-road”, meaning you pick the time and place and we’ll be there!


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