Preventable Maternal Crisis

Maternal HealthPreventable Maternal Crisis


Maternal deaths are preventable, yet the United States has the highest maternal death rate in the developed world. The most prevalent cause is associated with mental health, creating a nationwide maternal mental health crisis.

Why It Matters

Extended Medicaid coverage and more robust services for mothers can help reduce preventable maternal deaths. It helps provide a support network, provides critical care, and improves birth outcomes.

By the Numbers


new mothers and babies in New Hampshire are impacted by extended Medicaid.

Our Impact

In 2023, New Futures championed the NH Momnibus bill, which extends Medicaid coverage for women from 60 days to one year postpartum. It also expands coverage to doulas, lactation services, donor breast milk, services through family resource centers, and children’s behavioral health supports - all things that were out of reach to New Hampshire moms on Medicaid prior to the legislation.

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