Ensuring access to vaccines and immunizations is critical to maintaining public health in New Hampshire. In recent years, there have been numerous attacks on the state's long standing immunization schedule, proving that supporting the system is more critical than ever.

Why It Matters

Vaccines help people create protective antibodies to fight off infections. A vaccinated population helps reduce the spread of preventable diseases throughout the community. In New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Vaccine Association works to improve access to childhood vaccines while lowering health care costs.

Our Impact

In 2022, New Futures helped to defeat or weaken 41 out of 43 bills that, if passed, would have undermined New Hampshire's public health infrastructure like never before. In the years since, New Futures has continued to defend the public health infrastructure, including ensuring that the vaccine schedule remains in the hands of the Vaccine Board, not lawmakers.

Your contribution to New Futures will leave a lasting impact in the Granite State!


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