Bans on Participation in Sports for Transgender Youth

TAKE ACTIONBans on Participation in Sports for Transgender Youth


Sports and athletics are an important part of childhood, offering opportunities to build a sense of belonging and learn important life skills like teamwork, leadership, confidence, and self-discipline. No child should be denied the opportunity to participate in sports simply because of their gender identity. The overwhelming majority of transgender youth, like most kids, don’t play at elite levels; they just want to participate with their peers.

About the Bills

HB 1205 would ban transgender girls from playing school sports or using female locker rooms.

It is unclear how this bill would be enforced, which could lead to intrusive and damaging inquisitions on any student-athlete.

Take Action

Email the Governor to Veto Discriminatory Bills

Bill Statuses

The House of Representatives passed HB 1205 by a vote of 189-182. The bill crossed over to the Senate Education Committee, which voted 3-1 on a recommendation to pass the bill. The bill passed the Senate, and is now advacing to the Governor's desk. Email Governor Sununu to urge him to VETO anti-LGBTQ+ bills and keep New Hampshire inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

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