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A Letter to the Editor (LTE) is one way to advocate to both legislators and the public. Legislators often read local newspapers to understand the concerns of their constituents. LTEs should be submitted to local newspapers who cover the area in which you live.

Writing: LTEs are usually under 250 words. Check with your local newspaper for their word limit. An effective LTE has three components - an introduction to the topic, a short personalized advocacy message, and a clear ask.

Submission: Most local newspapers have online forms for submitting LTEs. Look up online where and how to submit. Make sure to include your contact information and your address when submitting. These things won’t be printed, but are used to verify that you are a local resident.


An Opinion Editorial (Op-Ed) is longer and more in-depth than an LTE. This is a good option if you are a subject matter expert or have lots of information to share on a topic. Op-Eds are usually 600 - 800 words. They should be submitted via email to the Opinion or Executive Editor of your local newspaper.


Social media can be used to inform legislators and the public about an issue you are advocating around. It is good for building awareness and spreading information. The Golden Rules for Advocates apply the same online as they do offline!