CBH for Families & Youth

For many families and youth, finding the right mix of supports and services can be challenging and confusing. The Children's Behavioral Health project is working to make that easier.

Families and youth often feel that they are on their own to navigate all the maze of systems and agencies. It is not easy to find those who can provide some help as we face daily stress and challenges due to mental health or substance use needs of our children, young adults, selves, or peers.

One good starting place is with family and youth organizations, which are run and staffed by family members and youth who have "been there, done that". These organizations can provide us support and advice on navigating the service systems while preserving our own hope, goals, and dreams. 

The main family-to-family and youth peer support organizations are included in the list on the right. All of them support families and youth with mental health and substance use concerns.

Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Services

Community Mental Health Centers

Family Resource Connection

FAST Forward


NH 2-1-1

NH Family Voices

Parent Information Center

Service Link

Youth M.O.V.E New Hampshire

Family Support Groups for Substance Use Issues

NH Alcohol & Drug Treatment Locator

Parent Support Groups for Families with Mental Health Issues