HB 481: Marijuana Commercialization

call to action

New Hampshire Senators will soon vote on an irresponsible bill which fully legalizes and commercializes marijuana without providing the necessary public health protections to keep our youth and communities healthy. 

Marijuana commercialization is wrong for New Hampshire's young people and communities. Science shows that marijuana use during youth, when young brains are developing, can have long-term negative health effects. Allowing Big Marijuana into New Hampshire will allow this major industry to manufacture, sell, and market an addictive substance to our kids, setting them up for long-term health problems, like impaired cognitive functioning, an elevated risk of developing mental illness, and an increased chance of developing a substance use disorder.

It is time to use your voice to oppose the commercialization of marijuana.

What can you do?

Call your lawmakers! The Senate Judicidary committee recommended that HB 481 be rereferred, meaning it will not pass in 2019. Call your Senator and ask them to agree with the rerefer! Click here to find your Senator

Pictured Above: New Hampshire youth testifying against marijuana legalization in 2018

call script/talking points

NOTE: Click here for more information on what marijuana commercialization will mean for New Hampshire.

Hello. Is Senator_________ available?

Hi Senator. My name is _________ and I am from _________. I'm calling to ask you to vote against HB 481, which fully legalizes and commercializes marijuana.

  • This bill is irresponsible. It does not take into account the health and wellness of our children and communities.
  • Substance misuse already costs NH over 2 billion dollars annually. Commercializing marijuana would increase substance misuse costs in our state. 
  • This bill permits full commercialization of marijuana, allowing a major industry to manufacture, sell, and market an addictive product to young people, as Big Tobacco did to previous generations. There is no restriction on social media or billboard advertising in the bill either, which we know are effective ways to target young people.
  • Highly potent marijuana and marijuana products, like edibles, waxes, and shatters, will be part of a legal market if New Hampshire commercializes. This is nothing like marijuana smoked in the 1970s, which had an average of 3-5% THC. HB 481 puts no limits on the types of products which will be sold.
  • HB 481 takes away local control by automatically opting municipalities in, despite the recommendations of the legalization study committee.
  • HB 481 also does not take into account the realistic upfront costs of commercialization by including funding for educational campaigns on public health and safety concerns, such as impaired driving and risks to youth and pregnant women.
  • We know that vaping marijuana is harmful for children, and the bill allows marijuana vaping in public places.

Opening the door to Big Marijuana is wrong for New Hampshire. Will you vote no on HB 481?

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, you can call or email me back at ____________.

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