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Granite Staters know that what affects one part of New Hampshire affects us all. As a state, we function best when all members of our communities work together to solve our health and social problems, like substance misuse, as well as promote programs that prevent the factors that put people at risk for developing a substance use disorder. Policies which support evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery programs are crucial to ensure that every New Hampshire resident is a healthy member of our society.

Prevention: At New Futures, we support policies that prevent substance use disorders before they occur. Effective substance misuse prevention programs begin prenatally and go through adolescence when New Hampshire's young people are likely to use alcohol and other drugs. New Futures supports public policy, like maintaining a legal drinking age of 21 and preventing the commercialization of marijuana, which will support our children and adolescents and prevent substance misuse.

Treatment: We know that substance use disorders are a disease, that treatment works, and that recovery is possible. We actively work to support legislation that improves access to treatment for substance use disorders, addressing barriers to care and ensuring adequate coverage within Medicaid and private insurance.

Recovery: There are several validated social, medical, and psychological ways to find recovery from substance use disorders. We support evidence-based policies which encourage and support recovery.