Marijuana Legalization In The News

2018-19 Legislative session

Opinion Pieces

Seacoast Online (5/16/19) -  Let's put New Hampshire in focus and slow legalization

Concord Monitor (5/15/19) - This is no time to legalize marijuana

Union Leader (5/14/19) - Sen. Bob Giuda: Are We Really Prepared to Legalize Marijuana?

Nashua Telegraph (5/8/19) - Oppose HB 481

Trendy Times (3/19/19) - Opposing HB 481

Concord Monitor (3/16/19) - Legalizing marijuana will endanger state’s children

Union Leader (3/4/19) - Legalization is not the answer

Concord Monitor (3/2/19) - In no way does legalizing marijuana serve the public interest

Concord Monitor (2/27/19) - Marijuana bill is deeply flawed

Eagle Times (2/23/19) - No good comes from marijuana legalization

Laconia Daily Sun (2/20/19) - Vote no to legalized marijuana and yes to healthier lives

Laconia Daily Sun (2/20/19) - Excluding substance abuse experts from pot board is irresponsible

Concord Monitor (2/18/19) - Link between marijuana use, mental illness is clear

Concord Monitor (2/9/19) - Pot legalization is irresponsible

Seacoast Online (2/3/19) - Marijuana consumption impairs driving skills

Concord Monitor (2/2/19) - Marijuana is harmful

Fosters (1/31/19) - New Hampshire should not commercialize marijuana

Laconia Daily Sun (1/30/19) - Stand up for the effort to prevent marijuana legalization

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript (1/8/19) - It's not about medicine, it's about money

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript (1/8/19) - Concerns about legalization

Union Leader (12/28/18) - Pot is wrong

Concord Monitor (12/3/18) - The high costs of legalizing marijuana in New Hampshire

Concord Monitor (11/25/18) - Legalized pot sends wrong message to kids

Concord Monitor (11/12/18) - The perils of marijuana legalization

Keene Sentinel (11/11/18) - Police chiefs oppose legalizing marijuana; here's why

Union Leader (11/8/18) - Legalizing marijuana is wrong for NH


News Articles

Seacoast Online (5/30/19) - NH Senate puts marijuana legalization on hold

The Dartmouth (5/23/19) - Bipartisan medical marijuana bill advances in NH state legislature

Union Leader (5/20/19) - Effort to Legalize Pot Stalls in State Senate

WBUR (5/18/19) - Vermont, New Hampshire Both Could Delay Marijuana Proposals

NHPR (5/17/19) - Marijuana Legalization Bill Gets Sidetracked in NH Senate Committee

Fosters (5/16/19) - Marijuana legalizatoin slows in the NH Senate

Concord Monitor (5/14/19) - Senate committee votes to delay marijuana legalization bill to 2020

Union Leader (5/7/19) - Former U.S. drug czar urges lawmakers to reject legal marijuana

Fosters (4/27/19) - Legal marijuana rests in hands of NH Senate

AP News (4/23/19) - NH Senate hears plenty from opponents of legal pot

Union Leader (4/23/19) - Pot prohibition supporters dominate Senate hearing on recreational cannabis for adults

Valley News (4/23/19) - Opponents to N.H. marijuana legalization show up in force at hearing (4/4/19) - New Hampshire House passes pot legalization bill

WMUR (4/4/19) - Marijuana legalization passes NH House, but support may be fading

NHPR (3/27/19) - N.H. House Panel Passes Marijuana Legalization Bill, Reworks Tax Structure

NHPR (3/19/19) - Daily Marijuana Use And Highly Potent Weed Linked To Psychosis

AP News (3/19/19) - Smoking strong pot daily raises psychosis risk, study finds

Manchester Ink Link (3/11/19) - Springing forward with Medical Matters

Concord Monitor (2/27/19) - NH marijuana legalization effort passes first major test, still faces strong opposition

NY Times (2/20/19) - Legalize pot? Amid opioid crisis, some New Hampshire leaders say No Way

Boston Globe (2/6/19) - New Hampshire's opioid crisis looms over marijuana legalization debate

Union Leader (2/5/19) - Recreational marijuana divides NH, hopes and fears clash in House drama

In Depth NH (2/5/19) - Big Turnout for Bill To Legalize Marijuana in New Hampshire

AP News (2/5/19) - NH marijuana bill sparks debate

Concord Moitor (2/5/19) - Marijuana legalization showdown in NH State House Tuesday

In Depth NH (2/4/19) - Will NH legalize recreational marijuana?

Nashua Telegraph (2/4/19) - Advocacy Group Warns Against the Legalization of Marijuana

Union Leader (2/3/19) - Friends, Foes of Legal Pot Line Up

NHPR (2/1/19) - Critics of NH Marijuana Legalization Rally Opposition

NHPR (1/25/19) - Sununu Applauds Anti-Drug Commission Oposition to Marijuana Legalization

AP News (1/25/19) - Sununu's commission opposes marijuana legalization

Monadnock Ledger Transcript (1/21/19) - Marijuana legalization sparks debate

NBC News (1/14/19) - Even a little marijuana may change teen brain, study finds

The New Yorker (1/14/19) - Is marijuana as safe as we think?

NH Magazine (January Issue) - The Pros and Cons of Legal Cannabis in NH

NHPR (12/26/18) - Marijuana Bill Preview: Cannabis Legalization Proposal Estimates A $33 Million Windfall for NH

Union Leader (11/3/18) - Critics complain pot report is roadmap to legalization

NHPR (10/31/18) - With Final Report N.H. Pot Legalization Due, Commission Looks to Avoid Consensus

2017-18 Legislative Session

Opinion Pieces 

Seacoast Online (4/11/18) - NH reps made the right call in tabling pot legalization

Union Leader (2/11/18) - Another View -- Dr. William Goodman: New Hampshire should not legalize recreational marijuana 

Seacoast Online (2/8/18) - Bill to legalize marijuana would harm NH's youth

Concord Monitor (1/31/18) - My Turn: High rates of drug use make this state an island

Conway Daily Sun (1/26/18) - Concerns about 'Preparing for cannabis' editorial

Seacoast Online (1/16/18) - Avoid marijuana proliferation in New Hampshire

Seacoast Online (1/12/18) - NH marijuana vote: What were they smoking?

Union Leader (1/10/18) - Legalizing pot

Union Leader (1/10/18) - Avoid marijuana commercialization

Concord Monitor (1/9/18) - Letter: Don’t legalize it

Union Leader (1/5/18) - 'Horse has left the barn:' NH dispensers react to Justice Dept.'s switch on legal marijuana

NHPR (12/28/17) - Marijuana Policy To Be Debated At N.H. Statehouse

Keene Sentinel (12/21/17) - Commercializing marijuana would lead to negative health outcomes

Union Leader (12/3/17) - Another View -- David Provan: Legalizing marijuana is wrong way to fight opioid crisis

Union Leader (11/19/17) - Another View -- Celeste Clark: Don't ignore NH's other addiction problems

Union Leader (11/19/17) - Slow down on pot: Don't puff; don't pass

Seacoast Online (11/13/17) - Marijuana commercialization is bad for business

Union Leader (10/10/17) - Back for more: Marijuana legalization returns

Concord Monitor (09/16/17) - My Turn: The price of big marijuana

Union Leader (07/24/17) - Pot politics: Marijuana advocates whining already


News Articles 

NHPR (3/30/18) - As Neighboring States Allow Recreational Marijuana Retail, N.H. Studies Legalization

Concord Monitor (3/22/18) - N.H. House punts on marijuana legalization; opts for further study

NHPR (3/13/18) - N.H. House Panel Wants Pot Legalization Bill Shelved

Seacoast Online (3/1/18) - Pot legalization bill may be tabled for this year

NHPR (2/14/18) - What's Next for N.H. Bill to Legalize Marijuana?

NHPR (2/6/18) - A Check-Up on Medical Marijuana in New Hampshire

Fosters (2/2/18) - Buy a shirt, get pot 'gift': Companies exploit law loophole

NHPR (1/16/17) - What Can N.H. Expect Once Vermont Legalizes Marijuana?

Conway Daily Sun (1/15/18) - Legislators mixed on N.H. marijuana bill

Seacoast Online (1/12/18) - NH marijuana study leader: Don’t legalize now

Concord Monitor (1/10/18) - Recreational Pot Approved by House; Governor Opposed

Concord Monitor (1/9/18) - N.H. Marijuana Study Commission Cautious after Sessions’ Policy Change

WMUR (1/9/18) - NH House gives initial approval for recreational marijuana bill

NHPR (12/18/17) - Former Colorado Marijuana 'Czar' To Address N.H. Panel

NHPR (11/27/17) - Marijuana Legalization: N.H. Banks Weigh 'Reputation Risk

NHPR (11/15/17) - N.H. Mulls Over Marijuana Legalization

Concord Monitor (11/15/17) - House Committee rejects NH Legalization bill

Concord Monitor (10/18/17) - N.H. Marijuana Legalization Committee Holds First Meeting

WMUR (10/12/17) - Franklin drug task force looks to prevent substance abuse issues

NHPR (09/18/17) - N.H.'s Marijuana Decriminalization Law Now In Effect, But Do People Know Pot's Still Illegal?

Keene Sentinel (09/17/17) - Local law enforcement weighs in as marijuana decriminalization takes effect

Union Leader (09/16/17) - Change in marijuana laws now a wait-and-see issue

Laconia Daily Sun (09/13/17) - Decriminalization in N.H. starts Sept 1 but marijuana is still illegal

Foster’s (08/06/17) - Kittery grapples with role as pot border town

Union Leader (07/22/17) - Tuftonboro police chief fires back at pot lobby

WMUR (07/18/17) - NH decriminalizes marijuana possession

Union Leader (07/15/17) - Pot-legalization advocates ask governor to veto pot study bill

NHPR (06/22/17) - Marijuana Advocates Optimistic in Northeast Despite Setbacks

Concord Monitor (06/01/17) - Marijuana decriminalization on its way to Gov. Sununu’s desk


On the Air

WMUR (12/4/17) - NH ranks 6th for highest uses of alcohol, marijuana among young people