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Priority Legislation

HB 481: Marijuana Commercialization

HB 323: Alcohol Advertising

HB 511: Vaping

CACR 1: Alcohol Fund

Other Bills

HB 359: Warning Labels On Prescription Drugs Containing Opiates

HB 366: Adding Opioid Addiction, Misuse, and Abuse to Qualifying Medical Conditions Under Therapeutic Use Of Cannabis

HB 405: Beer In Refillable Containers

HB 473: Allowing Hobby Distillation Of Liquors

HB 722: The Retail Sale and Taxation Of Marijuana

SB 120: The Controlled Drug Prescription Health and Safety Program

SB 196: Non-academic Surveys Administered By A Public School to Its Students

SB 209: Establishing A Commission to Create A New Hampshire Recovery Memorial

SB 248: Increasing The Age For Sales and Possession Of Tobacco Products