Press Release

February 21, 2019

Meghan Farrell, New Futures

nh senate signs off on home visiting bill

CONCORD - Today, the New Hampshire Senate voted unanimously to pass SB 274, legislation which supports children and families by reducing barriers to Medicaid Home Visiting in New Hampshire. The bill increases access to home visiting programs, when skilled professionals like nurses and social workers provide education and support to families in their own homes, by removing existing restrictions on program entry. Next, the bill will move to the House. In response, Rebecca Woitkowski of New Futures Kids Count released the following statement:

“We applaud the New Hampshire Senate for unanimously voting to support SB 274. Due in part to our ongoing substance use, mental health, and child protection epidemics, we know there are increasing numbers of children in crisis and families in desperate need of preventive and support services like home visiting. Medicaid Home Visiting is one of New Hampshire’s most critical family support programs, but due to strict eligibility requirements, it is not being fully-utilized to help Granite State children and families. Currently, Medicaid Home Visiting is only available to first-time mothers under the age of 21, and enrollment must take place within the first two weeks after childbirth.  The state-created restrictions make it very difficult for families in need to access these services and blunt the impact of this vital program.  SB 274 will expand access to Medicaid Home Visiting by eliminating those strict restrictions, giving families support, and helping children thrive.”