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New Futures provides trainings for both individuals and organizations interested in advocating!

Information to know before placing your order:

  • Participants must be interested in advocating for policies that improve the health and wellness of NH residents.
  • Trainings can be in-person or virtual. New Futures Training Room can accommodate up to 25 people. We also travel statewide to bring the training to you.
  • Trainings are provided at no cost to nonprofits and individuals. Donations to offset training costs are accepted but entirely optional.

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Choose one or more of the options below to build your training

Policy & Advocacy - How policy impacts daily life, how policy change occurs, and what advocacy is (and isn’t). (30 min training)

About the NH Legislature - Why the NH legislature is unique and how your voice can make a difference. (15 minute training)

How a Bill Becomes a Law in NH - Overview of the NH legislature, how a bill becomes a law in the state, and when to advocate in the legislative process. (1 hour training) 

The Power of the Personal Story - Why personal stories influence policy change and how to craft a story effectively. (15 minute training)

  • +15 minute Personal Story Practice. Double your order to include time for participants to practice writing a personal story for an advocacy purpose.

Advocacy Skills - How to be an effective advocate, including best practices and advice on common ways of advocating. (30 minute training)

  • +30 minute Advocacy Skills Practice. Double your order for hands-on breakout sessions to practice testifying at a public hearing and calling legislators. Best paired with a double order of The Power of the Personal Story.

Hosting a Legislative Event - Best practices for planning and hosting an event to educate legislators on a specific issue or an organization’s work. (30 minute training)


Our most popular trainings for those who want to advocate

Traditional New Futures Advocacy Training - Our original Advocacy Training. Includes Policy & Advocacy, How a Bill Becomes a Law in NH, a double order of The Power of the Personal Story and Advocacy Skills, and breaks. Can be further customized with any ingredients. (5-8 hour training)

  • +30 minutes Lunch
  • +1 hour NF-guided tour of the NH State House
  • +30 minutes Guest Speaker(s) (NF Policy Specialist, legislator, experienced advocate, other)
  • +varies Presentation on one or more of New Futures policy areas

Advocacy 101 - Our traditional training for those with time restrictions. Practice time not included. Includes Policy & Advocacy, How a Bill Becomes a Law in NH, The Power of the Personal Story, and Advocacy Skills. (2 1/2 hour training)

Advocacy Essentials - For those with time restrictions who want to learn the basics. Great for a meeting or conference! Includes About the NH Legislature, The Power of the Personal Story, and Advocacy Skills. (1 hour training)

Advocacy Practice - For those who want to sharpen their advocacy skills. Includes a double order of The Power of the Personal Story and Advocacy Skills. Recommended for those with previous advocacy experience and/or a baseline understanding of the NH legislature. (1 hour training)

Non-profit Lobbying vs. Advocacy - Overview of considerations non-profits must make when advocating to comply with state and federal guidelines, as well as their own funders, and how to navigate these considerations without sacrificing your advocate voice. (2 hour training)

NH Budget Process - How the state budget is developed every two years, processed in the legislature, and implemented. (1 hour training)


Technical assistance with advocacy efforts, made to order.

Social Media Consultation - Custom recommendations to increase the effectiveness of your organization’s social media, based on a review of your current social media presence by our Communications Team.

Data Management Consultation - Custom recommendations on how your organization can manage data to improve advocacy efforts, based on a review of your organization’s current use of data systems by our Data Manager.

Legislative Event Assistance - Help for those who want to plan and host a legislative event. Includes an initial consultation, with optional additional support throughout planning and during the event.

Organizational Advocacy Consult - Discussion with an organization looking to increase their advocacy capacity. Includes an initial consultation, with potential additional follow-up meetings or trainings depending on identified needs.


We offer in-depth policy presentations on our five policy issue areas: Alcohol and Other Drugs, Early Childhood, Health Policy, Access to Treatment, and Children's Behavioral Health.

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