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In New Hampshire, access to housing remains one of the greatest obstacles for people facing addiction. Recovery housing is important for individuals with substance use disorder because it provides a safe and healthy living environment. Data shows that access to recovery housing is associated with positive outcomes including decreased rates of substance use, lower chances of reoccurrence, and reduced rates of incarceration. Recent years have shown an increase in certified recovery homes across the state, but there are still not nearly enough available beds to meet the needs of our communities.

HB 1521 as amended would support the development of recovery housing, further addressing the state's ongoing addiction crisis. 

About the Bill

Cities and towns play a critical role in expanding access to recovery housing. However, a lack of clarity around zoning and fire regulations for recovery homes has restricted the development of these essential resources. HB 1521 as amended aims to address these issues by providing cities and towns with clear guidelines that align with existing state regulations for other residential homes. This would allow them to support the development of much-needed recovery housing and help New Hampshire combat the ongoing addiction crisis.

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Bill Status

The House of Representatives voted to pass HB 1521 as amended on March 28. Next, the bill will cross over to the Senate.

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