Insurance Coverage Mandate for Youth Mental Health Services

TAKE ACTIONInsurance Coverage Mandate for Youth Mental Health Services


Currently, there are many gaps in insurance coverage for youth accessing mental health services in New Hampshire. Private insurance carriers currently do not cover high-fidelity wraparound case management, known as FAST (Families and Systems Together) Forward in New Hampshire, while Medicaid does cover these services. Despite not having coverage through their private carriers, children who do not otherwise qualify for Medicaid can still access FAST Forward, and the expense is covered by NH’s Bureau of Children’s Behavioral Health.

SB 411, as amended by the Senate, creates a committee to study emergency mental health services for New Hampshire youth. 

About the Bill

SB 411 as amended creates a committee to study emergency mental health services for youth in New Hampshire, such as wraparound services, behavioral or mental health crisis assessments, crisis intervention services, crisis stabilization services, intensive in-home services, residential treatment services, intensive structured outpatient programs, parent and youth peer support services, and partial hospitalization programs. These services are critical to ensuring that the needs of New Hampshire's most vulnerable children are met. 

Covering these services will improve access to community-based care, which has been shown to result in better mental health outcomes and can alleviate the burden on emergency departments. Further, if the burden for the costs of these services no longer rests on the Bureau of Children’s Behavioral Health, those funds could be reallocated to support the System of Care in other areas. 

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Bill Status

The Senate passed an amended version of SB 411 that establishes a committee to study emergency mental health services for youth in New Hampshire. New Futures is encouraged by the Department of Insurance’s willingness to address most of the issues covered in SB 411 and looks forward to the study committee’s recommendations on additional solutions.

SB 411 as amended has crossed over to the House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee. A public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24 at 1:30 pm at the Legislative Office Building in Room 203. Sign in to support the bill ahead of the hearing!

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