Michele D. Merritt, Esq.

President and CEO

Michele Merritt has overall leadership and management responsibility for New Futures. With the Board of Directors, she establishes the strategic priorities for the organization...

April Arel

Vice President of Operations and Finance

April Arel manages all operational and financial components of New Futures including but not limited to, organizational financial management and budgeting, management of shared service contracts, ...

Jake Berry

Vice President of Policy

Jake manages the organization’s policy efforts, providing expertise and management in healthcare, substance use, and early childhood policy.

Kate Frey

Vice President of Advocacy

Kate serves as Vice President of Advocacy of the organization and has primary responsibility of directing and managing New Futures’ alcohol and other drug policy initiatives.

Meghan Farrell

Vice President of Community Engagement

Meghan is responsible for managing the community engagement team in encouraging advocates to participate in the legislative process.

Holly Stevens, Esq.

Health Policy Coordinator

Holly Stevens convenes and collaborates with staff, contracted partners, and stakeholders in the health field to agree on policy priorities, and to develop and implement a comprehensive...

Rebecca Woitkowski, Esq.

Kids Count Policy Coordinator

Rebecca serves as the Kids Count Policy Coordinator for New Futures.  She works to coordinate and lead early childhood policy and advocacy efforts in New Hampshire.

Becky Whitley, Esq.

Children's Behavioral Health Policy Director

Becky is responsible for carrying out the policy priorities put forth by the Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative, while working with stakeholders to identify and implement policies that...

Bobbie Burgess

Communications Director


Alisha Proctor

Communications Coordinator

Alisha assists with communications planning and content creation for New Futures' ongoing and campaign advocacy. She is primarily responsible for assisting with the organization's digital...

Jess Wojenski

Community Engagement Coordinator & Training Manager

Jess is responsible for recruiting, training, and mobilizing advocates to participate in the legislative process.

Katie Foster

Community Engagement Coordinator & Data Manager

Katie is responsible for recruiting and training advocates to participate in the legislative process.

Pedro Altagracia

Community Enagement Coordinator

Pedro is responsible for recruiting and training advocates to participate in the legislative process.

Dane Levis

Community Engagement Coordinator

Dane is responsible for recruiting and training advocates to participate in the legislative process.

Dellie Champagne

CBHC Community Engagement Coordinator

Dellie is the Community Engagement Coordinator for the NH Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative.  Dellie’s work includes education, outreach and relationship building with...

Jill Billow

Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant

Jill supports the New Futures staff by performing a variety of general office activities and providing bookkeeping support to ensure efficient functioning of the office and...