New Futures Releases 2023 Annual Report

Michele Merritt, New Futures President

Over the course of the last year, New Futures has taken time to reflect on our organization’s identity, our values, and our approach to bringing about change for the people of New Hampshire.

In this report, you’ll see the result of this effort—our new logo, our long-term strategic goals, and our guiding motto: “We solve problems through policy change.”

Within these pages, you’ll also see this motto come to life. You’ll learn about our policy issues, our recent accomplishments, and the continued challenges we must work to address. While the framing looks different, our values and way of doing things remain the same.

We listen to Granite Staters to better understand the issues affecting their health and well-being.

We equip individuals with lived experience with training and support to share their experiences with policymakers.

We partner with other statewide organizations to build strong coalitions.

We support lawmakers, providing them with expert guidance and evidence-based data to support the creation of impactful policies.

Using this theory of change, we can solve issues like a lack of affordable child care; we can help find better placements for children suffering with mental illness boarded in emergency rooms; we can create better access to treatment for substance use disorders; we can prevent substance use disorders before they even begin by investing in policies that support prevention; and so much more.

But we cannot do this work without the partnership and support from individuals like you. We hope you will join us this coming year as we continue working on the critical issues highlighted in this annual report.

We know, together, we can solve these problems through policy change.

Michele Merritt, Esq.
President, New Futures

Your contribution to New Futures will leave a lasting impact in the Granite State!


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