New Futures Recognizes Brian Harlow in Advocate Spotlight Series

New Futures Recognizes Brian Harlow in Advocate Spotlight Series

Our next spotlight is on Brian Harlow, a dedicated advocate who’s always ready to jump in and advocate for Granite Staters in need.

In his day-to-day life, Brian advocates for everything – issues relating to substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery, children’s behavioral health, trauma prevention, mental health, education, reproductive rights, and survivors’ rights. Brian is the embodiment of advocacy in action, never shying away from a controversial issue.

As someone who has seen the devastation of substance misuse firsthand and what it can do to individuals and their families, Brian is committed to supporting people in long-term recovery and their families.

Brian knows that the New Hampshire Legislature is a powerful body – and that legislators need to understand and be educated on our issues, the issues of Granite Staters. Brian has shared his own personal experience with legislators and he encourages new advocates to share theirs as well, because personal stories drive legislation. It takes courage to share your story, and Brian hopes that his actions can inspire others.

During the 2023 legislative session, Brian was honored to testify at the State House in support of Medicaid Expansion. Brian and other advocates, along with New Futures and several other organizations, all worked together for the successful reauthorization of Medicaid Expansion. It was especially impactful for Brian because it benefits hundreds of thousands of people in our state.

Brian’s advice for fellow advocates is to find and work with organizations that will support you in advocating for issues you’re passionate about. He emphasizes that, “the legislation may pass, but it may not – the victory is that you won’t be alone. There’s a good chance there are others working on the issues you’re passionate about. You will inspire others and be an example to others who have a voice.”

When he’s not advocating, Brian can be found hurling with his local team (hurling is an ancient Irish sport that is played like a combination of baseball, lacrosse, and soccer). He’s also involved with Arts of Hope, a youth group that focuses on art for families in recovery. He enjoys volunteering and joining fundraisers for organizations in the community.

New Futures wants to extend a huge thank you to Brian for his continuous advocacy that inspires us all.

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