Airole Warden

The first time Airole Warden made the three-hour drive from the North Country to Concord, it was to testify in front of a Senate Committee on the child care crisis in Coos County. She had prepared six minutes worth of testimony - but the Committee told her she had only two minutes to speak. She decided to stick to the stories she heard repeatedly in the North Country - stories of child care centers forced to close because they couldn’t find staff. Stories of police chiefs searching for child care for two new officers he had hired - but who could not work without child care. Endless stories of nurses, dental hygienists, teachers, and prison workers whose families were on long waitlists for care. Since then, Airole has made repeated visits to Concord to advocate for solutions to New Hampshire’s child care crisis, attending information sessions and direct meetings with legislators, and becoming an expert voice for lawmakers on the child care crisis.


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