Bill proposes support for childcare for both parents and providers

On any given day at the Waypoint Children’s Place and Education Center, Kelly Bozetarnik wears many different hats. Her formal role is the director. But most days at the child care center off of Loudon Road, she is a director, a teacher, an assistant and even the chef, making breakfast and lunch for children enrolled.

Waypoint should be able to host 50 children a day at its center. Instead, 35 are currently enrolled, with a maximum capacity of 25 children a day. Under enrollment is not for a lack of interest, but instead, a staffing shortage that requires the nonprofit to scale back its services.

This reality is felt by many child care centers across the state and it’s a two-pronged issue that affects both those looking to provide child care, and those in need of services. Employees are seeing higher wages offered for hourly gigs at places like Dunkin’ that has caused many to leave the field. Parents are seeing year-long waitlists and increased costs for essential services for their children.

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